The Deputy Dawg Show

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The Deputy Dawg Show
Deputy dawg.jpg
Premiere October 1960
Finale 1961
Creator Larz Bourne
Network first-run syndication
Style 30-minute animated comedy
Company Terrytoons
Seasons 1
Episodes 34
(List of episodes)
Origin USA

The Deputy Dawg Show is an animated comedy that aired in syndication. It was the first all-cartoon made-for-TV production of the Terrytoons studio and was distributed by its parent company, CBS Films.

Deputy Dawg was the loyal but none-too-bright canine lawman of a backwoods Tennessee precinct, Creekmud Junction. The animals that live in the nearby swamp tend to give Deputy Dawg a hard time. Most of the trouble stems from Muskie Muskrat and his predilection of stealing eggs from the Sheriff's henhouse. Three incidental characters would be spun off from this show into their own. A little blue space alien would become Astronut, Mischa Mouse would become Macon Mouse for the theatrical Possible Possum series, and the Long Island Duckling would become Duckwood.

As successful as Deputy Dawg was on TV, it wasn't without controversy. It was depicted as a metaphor of the last vestiges of segregation and Jim Crow laws in the earliest days of the 1960s. Deputy Dawg, first colored a pale gray (later pure white), was the authority figure along with his Caucasian superior, the Sheriff. Muskie, painted brown, was a mirror image of African-Americans trying to outwit him. As Deputy Dawg made live appearances (with an actor in a Deputy Dawg suit), the audiences were highly segregated. Nevertheless, most of the TV audiences and show saturation was from the south, and the show's sponsor, Lay's Potato Chips, saw a massive rise in revenue thanks to the show.

In its original run, two Deputy Dawg cartoons were shown with features from theatrical Terrytoons films in the middle. In 1962, some Deputy Dawg cartoons were released to theaters. Some markets screened Deputy Dawg cartoons individually as part of locally hosted children's shows. The Deputy Dawg Show would be replayed on NBC in 1971 on Saturday mornings.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Dayton Allen All characters


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One October 1960 1961 34


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