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Premiere June 6, 1978
Airs Fridays at 10PM
Creator Roone Arledge
Network ABC
Style 60-minute news magazine
Company ABC News
Seasons 30
Status Currently airing season 40
Origin USA

20/20 is an American television news magazine broadcast on ABC since June 6, 1978. The show was created by Roone Arledge.

The original news anchors were veteran journalists Harold Hayes and Robert Hughes, who lasted only one show. They were replaced by former game show and Today host Hugh Downs, who was later joined by co-host Barbara Walters in 1984. Downs and Walters were also previously co-hosts of NBC's Today together. Downs retired in 1999 and Walters became solo news anchor until 2002 when John Miller was hired to be permanent co-host of the series. Miller left and was replaced by John Stossel in 2003. Walters' left the co-anchor position in 2004 and was replaced by Elizabeth Vargas. However, Walters still frequently contributes to the show.

The disctinctive theme music to 20/20 was written by Robert Arnold Israel and based upon ABC's World News Tonight theme written by Lillian Scheinert.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Hugh Downs Co-Anchor 1-21
Barbara Walters Correspondent 2-6
Co-Anchor 7-26
John Miller Co-Anchor 25
John Stossel Correspondent 1-25
Co-Anchor 26–32
Elizabeth Vargas Correspondent 20-26
Co-Anchor 27—
Christopher Cuomo Co-Anchor 32—
Diane Sawyer Contributing Anchor 21-22
Sam Donaldson Contributing Anchor 21-22
Charles Gibson Contributing Anchor 21-22
Connie Chung Contributing Anchor 21-24
Jack Ford Contributing Anchor 23


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Five
Season Six
Season Seven
Season Eight
Season Nine
Season Ten
Season Eleven
Season Twelve
Season Thirteen
Season Fourteen
Season Fifteen
Season Sixteen
Season Seventeen
Season Eighteen
Season Nineteen
Season Twenty
Season Twenty-One
Season Twenty-Two
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Season Thirty
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Season Thirty-Three
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Season Thirty-Five
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Season Thirty-Eight
Season Thirty-Nine
Season Forty September 15, 2017


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