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The King and Odie

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The King and Odie
Premiere September 1963
Finale November 1963
Creator Chet Stover, Buck Biggers
Network Syndication
Style 15/30-minute animated comedy
Company Total Television
Seasons 1
Episodes 40
Origin USA

The King and Odie was syndicated replays of King Leonardo and His Short Subjects, which had aired the previous three seasons on NBC. It was repackaged for syndication with a new title opening and was made available for either 15-minute or 30-minute time periods.

During its syndication run, episodes from the different elements of the show (including The Hunter and Tooter Turtle) would concurrently run on NBC's Underdog and CBS's Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales. Included during the first two seasons were The Adventures Of Twinkles, about an elephant (as seen on General Mills' Twinkles cereal) whose magical trunk could change into anything he needed to help a situation. Sandy Becker voiced the characters and the narration in the Twinkles segment.


Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Jackson Beck King Leonardo 1
Biggy Rat 1
Allen Swift Odie Cologne 1
Itchy Brother 1
Narrator 1
Tooter Turtle 1
Frank Milano Mr. Wizard 1
Kenny Delmar The Hunter 1
Ben Stone The Fox 1


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 1963 November 1963 40

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