King Leonardo and His Short Subjects

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King Leonardo and His Short Subjects
Premiere October 15, 1960
Finale February 17, 1962
Creator Chet Stover & Buck Biggers
Network NBC
Style 30-minute animated comedy
Company Total Television
Seasons 3
Episodes 40
Origin USA

King Leonardo and His Short Subjects was Saturday morning's second network cartoon show created specifically for television, airing on NBC. (The first was Hanna-Barbera's Ruff and Reddy.)

The series took place in the African kingdom of Bongo Congo, whose main industry is making bongo drums. Its hierarchy is Leonardo, a benevolent, if gullible, lion, prone to temper flares at times and the epithet "Confound it!" Scheming against Leonardo is gangster Biggy Rat, who wants to usurp Leonardo and place his black-sheep twin sibling Itchy Brother on the throne in order to make Bongo Congo's coffers his for the taking. But throwing a monkey wrench in Biggy and Itchy's plans is Odie Cologne, a skunk who is Leonardo's prime minister. Odie creates perfumes as Bongo Congo's second big commodity.

Each half hour consists of The King and Odie, each story two parts and each part bookending the show. In between is Tooter Turtle, a naive young turtle with a yearn to be successful at something and getting his wish to be what he wants from Mr. Wizard the Lizard. Tooter usually bites off more than he can chew and winds up wanting to be brought home. Also, The Hunter, a canine sleuth on the prowl for the conniving con artist The Fox.

General Mills sponsored the show both on network TV and its syndicated repeats edition, The King and Odie. Episodes of King Leonardo and Tooter Turtle would be screened later in the 1960s on CBS's Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales. TV Spots made the first season episodes of the series while Gamma Studios in Mexico City produced season two episodes.


Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Jackson Beck King Leonardo 1 2 3
Biggy Rat 1 2 3
Allen Swift Odie Cologne 1 2 3
Itchy Brother 1 2 3
Narrator 1 2 3
Tooter Turtle 1 2 3
Frank Milano Mr. Wizard 1 2 3
Kenny Delmar The Hunter 1 2 3
Ben Stone The Fox 1 2 3


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One October 15, 1960 April 8, 1961 26
Season Two October 14, 1961 February 17, 1962 14