Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue

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Cartoon All-Stars to the Resuce
Airdate April 21, 1990
Writer Duane Poole & Tom Swale
Director Milton Gray
Marsh Lamore
Bob Shellhorn
Mike Svayko
Network ABC, CBS, NBC, Syndication, Nickelodeon, USA
Style 30-minute animated special
Company Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation

Southern Star Studios

Origin USA

Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue was a commercial-free half-hour animated special aired simultaneously by NBC, ABC, CBS, local stations, Nickelodeon and USA on April 21, 1990.

20 cartoon stars join in to help Mikey, a fourteen-year-old kid who has been swayed to drugs and alcohol by Mr. Smoke, a sentient puff of cigarette/marijuana smoke. Mikey is shown what he will turn into if he doesn't quit.

In spite of the criticism that the message was cheesy and sugar-coated and the cartoon stars were merely a draw (no pun intended), the special racked up a 22.0 rating, a record on Saturday morning that stands today. The special was introduced by George H.W. Bush, then the President of the United States.


Actor Character
Main Cast
Jason Mardsen Mikey
Lindsey Parker Corey
Paul Fusco Alf
George C. Scott Mr. Smoke
Jeff Bergman Bugs Bunny
Daffy Duck
Lorenzo Music Garfield
Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. Alvin
Janice Karman Theodore
Don Messick Papa Smurf
Danny Goldman Brainy Smurf
Julie Dees Smurfette
Russi Taylor Huey, Duey and Louie
Baby Gonzo
Jim Cummings Winnie-The-Pooh
Frank Welker Slimer
Baby Kermit
Townsend Coleman Michaelangelo
Laurie O'Brien Baby Piggy

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