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Battlestar Galacitca focuses on a small group of survivors and as a result has a large number of recurring characters. This is a list of all characters with three or more appearances and additional plot important characters with only one or two appearances.

Warning: This list includes many spoilers about the final fates and natures of the characters.

For appearance counts the miniseries, Razor, the two hour final episode and The Plan count as one episode each. Each set of webisodes and mini-sodes count as one episode regardless of actual number of segments a character appears in. The list is up to date through the end of the regular series and The Plan.

* indicates opening credits billing which appear in every episode making an appearance count difficult. All of these characters have missed more than one episode.

Color Legend
Normal Human
Status Unknown


Colonial Fleet & Marines

Character Actor # Rank Callsign
William Adama Edward James Olmos * Admiral Husker
Kara Thrace Katee Sackhoff * Captain Starbuck
Sharon Agathon Grace Park * Lieutenant Athena
Saul Tigh Michael Hogan 73 Colonel
Galen Tyrol Aaron Douglas 71 Chief Petty Officer
Karl Agathon Tahmoh Penikett 66 Captain Helo
Felix Gaeta Alessandro Juliani 62 Lieutenant
Anastasia Dualla Kandyse McClure 56 Lieutenant Dee
Cally Tyrol Nicki Clyne 38 Petty Officer 2nd Class
Brendan Constanza Bodie Olmos 36 Lieutenant Hotdog
Margaret Edmondson Leah Cairns 34 Lieutenant Racetrack
Cottle Donnelly Rhodes 33 Major
Hoshi Brad Dryborough 21 Lieutenant
Diana Seelix Jennifer Halley 20 Ensign Hardball
Louanne Katraine Luciana Carro 18 Captain Kat
Hamish McCall Colin Lawrence 13 Ensign Skulls
Allan Nowart Colin Corrigan 12 Marine
James Lyman Dominic Zamprogna 11 Specialist Jammer
Alex Quartararo Sam Witwer 11 Lieutenant Crashdown
Jean Barolay Alisen Down 10 Unknown
Layne Ishay Kerry Norton 10 Paramedic
Socinus Alonso Oyarzun 10 Specialist
Noel Allison Sebastian Spence 9 Lieutenant Narcho
Anthony Figurski Don Thompson 9 Specialist
Aaron Kelly Ty Olsson 9 Captain
Erin Mathias Eileen Pedde 7 Gunnery Sargeant
Tucker Clellan Christian Tessier 6 Lieutenant Duck
Peter Laird Vincent Gale 6 Chief Petty Officer
Jack Fisk Graham Beckel 5 Commander
Brandy Harder Heather Doerksen 5 Sargeant
Helena Cain Michelle Forbes 4 Admiral
Omar Fischer Aleks Paunovic 4 Sargeant
Eammon Pike Ryan McDonell 4 Lieutenant Gonzo
Vennor Chris Shields 4 Corporal
Mei Firelli Peter-John Prinsloo 3 Lieutenant Freaker
Gage Mike Dopud 3 Specialist
Nathanson Curtis Caravaggio 3 Specialist
Vireem Derek Delost 3 Specialist
D. Wallace Ivan Cermak 3 Corporal
Marcia Case Stefanie Von Pfetten 2 Captain Showboat
Cole Taylor John Pyper-Ferguson 2 Captain Stinger
Alastair Thorne Fulvio Cecere 2 Lieutenant
Jurgen Belzen Steve Bacic 1 Colonel
Barry Garner John Heard 1 Commander
Kendra Shaw Stephanie Jacobsen 1 Major


Character Actor #
Lee Adama Jamie Bamber *
Gaius Baltar James Callis *
Laura Roslin Mary McDonnell *
Billy Keikeya Paul Campbell 26
Hera Agathon Alexandra Thomas 25
Tom Zarek Richard Hatch 22
Nicholas Costanza Finn R. Devitt 15
Playa Palacios Christina Schild 10
Paula Schaffer Lara Gilchrist 10
Elosha Lorena Gale 9
Sekou Hamilton Biski Gugushe 9
Jeanne Keegan Connor Tracy 9
Jacob Cantrell Andre McIlroy 7
Charlie Connor Ryan Robbins 7
Picon Delegate Judith Maxie 7
Jake unknown 6
Gemenon Delegate Donna Soares 6
Romo Lampkin Mark Sheppard 6
Reza Chronides Marilyn Norry 6
Dahlia Iris Paluly 6
Tracey Anne Leela Savasta 6
Dealino Darcy Laurie 5
Kacey Madeline Parker 5
Hillard Diego Diablo Del Mar 4
Lance Jerry 4
Maya Erica Cerra 4
Sarah Porter Patricia Idlette 4
Marshall Bagot Malcolm Stewart 3
Fallbrook Alison Matthews 3
Doyle Franks Susan Hogan 3
Captain Greene William Samples 3
James McManus David Kaye 3
Reporter Stephen Holmes 3
Sue-Shawn Tamara Lashley 3
Cassidy Chelah Horsdal 2
Giana O'Niel Lymari Nadal 2
Phelan Bill Duke 1


Character Actor # Name
Number Six Tricia Helfer *
Number Eight Grace Park * Sharon "Boomer" Valerii
Samuel Anders Michael Trucco 37
Tory Foster Rekha Sharma 33
Number Five Matthew Bennett 24 Aaron Doral
Ellen Tigh Kate Vernon 24
Number Two Callum Keith Rennie 23 Leoben Conoy
Number Three Lucy Lawless 16 D'Anna Biers
Number One Dean Stockwell 15 John Cavil
Hybrid Tiffany Lyndall-Knight 11
Number Four Rick Worthy 8 Simon
Proto-Hybrid Campbell Lane 2

Pre-Cylon Attack Only

Character Actor #
Zak Adama Tobias Mehler 3
Carolanne Adama Lucinda Jenney 1
Julius Baltar Antony Holland 1
Richard Adar Colm Feore 1
Gianne Amy Lalonde 1
Socrata Thrace Dorothy Lyman 1
Dreleide Thrace Roark Chritchlow 2