Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Helena Cain

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Admiral Helena Cain
Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Actor Michelle Forbes
First Appearance Pegasus
Last Appearance Razor
Series Billing Supporting Cast
Episode Count 4
Notable Episodes Resurrection Ship (1)


Basic Information

Admiral Helena Cain, of the Tauron colony, was commander of the second surviving Battlestar, Pegasus. Upon the destruction of the Colonies, her battlestar had just entered drydock at the Scorpion Fleet Yards for a refit. As such, the ship's networked computers were down, allowing it to escape the Cylon shutdown virus. Cain ordered the ship on a dangerous blind jump away from Scorpion Fleet Yards, deeming the possible dangers of the blind jump to be a better option than certain destruction by the Cylons.

Cain, believing herself and her ship to be the last survivors of the Colonies, carried out hit-and-run attacks against the Cylons for months before making contact with the Galactica and the civilian Colonial Fleet under the command of President Laura Roslin and Commander William Adama. Cain quickly took command of the military aspect of the fleet from Commander Adama and began to completely ignore President Roslin. When Galactica crewmen Lieutenant Agathon and Chief Tyrol caused the accidental death of Pegasus interrogator Lieutenant Thorne, she arrests them and, in a private court-martial which she totally failed to inform anyone else was even happening, summarily sentences them to execution.

According to Cain's XO, Colonel Jack Fisk, Cain was brutal, executing her original executive officer for failing to follow orders. As well, judging by her treatment of Pegasus CAG Cole "Stinger" Taylor, she had a total lack of tolerance for any sort of failure, relieving him of his duties as CAG for letting Captain Apollo manage to establish contact with Starbuck in the Blackbird. As well, she was apparently uninterested in being encumbered by civilians, as Fisk informs Colonel Tigh that not only did Cain abandon Colonial civilians, she looted their ships for usable parts and any useful personnel and left them to die, and in some cases pressed civilians such as Chief Laird into service at gunpoint, ordering them to come along and killing their families if they didn't comply.

In Resurrection Ship (2) Cain was killed by Gina.

Memorable Moments

  • Admiral Cain summarily executed the XO of the Pegasus after he refused to carry out her orders.

Character History


  • While most pre-episode information listed Cain's first name as Nelena, the episode guide at Scifi's BSG site lists her name as Helena, thus this name will be used unless evidence to the contrary becomes available. Helena was confirmed as her first name in Razor.
  • In the original series episodes The Living Legend (1) and (2) , Cain was a Commander like Adama, and was played by actor Lloyd Bridges.