Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Jack Fisk

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Commander Jack Fisk
Battlestar Galactica (2003)
Actor Graham Beckel
First Appearance Pegasus
Last Appearance Razor
Series Billing Killed
Episode Count 5


Basic Information

Colonel Jack Fisk was the executive officer of the Battlestar Pegasus under Admiral Helena Cain. He apparently took over that position after Admiral Cain shot the previous executive officer for failing to obey a direct order, and is a bit frightened of the Admiral as a result.

He apparently has a taste for alcohol just like his counterpart on Galactica, Saul Tigh, and Tigh utilizes this to get Fisk talking about things Cain has done on several occasions, including getting him to tell the story of Cain's execution of the previous Pegasus XO as well as telling Tigh about Cain's gutting of her civilian fleet for supplies for Pegasus' one-battlestar war effort.

In the case of his story about the previous XO, Fisk claimed afterwards to have made the story up, although Tigh obviously didn't believe him.

Fisk was promoted to Commander and placed in command of the Battlestar Pegasus after Admiral Cain's death, although he did not have a chance to serve in that capacity for more than a few weeks before being killed by agents of the fleet's black market, apparently for becoming too greedy.

Character History

Memorable Moments