Mystery Science Theater 3000/Joel Robinson

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Joel Robinson
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Actor Joel Hodgson
First Appearance 0x00 - The Green Slime
Last Appearance 10x01 - Soultaker
Series Billing Main Character

Joel Robinson is a character on the television show Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Basic Information

Joel Robinson was employed as a janitor at Gizmonics Institute when he was kidnapped and shot into space by his bosses, Dr. Clayton Forrester and Dr. Laurence Erhardt. The two sent him onto the Satellite of Love to be force fed bad movies. In order to help him cope with the awful films, Joel used various parts of the ship to construct robot friends. He created Cambot, Gypsy, Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo.

Before each bad movie experiment, Joel engaged in an invention exchange with the mad scientists where the two would try to one-up each other with crazy inventions. In episode 5x12 - Mitchell, Gypsy overheard a conversation between Dr. Clayton Forrester and TV's Frank where the two discussed killing someone. They were talking about killing the annoying temp they had hired to clean up their lair, but Gypsy mistakenly believed they were referring to Joel. Fearing for his life, she forced him into the one hidden escape pod in the ship (hidden in a box of hamdingers) and sent him back down to Earth. As his pod entered the atmosphere, Joel contacted the ship and presented the bots with a poem from one of his favorite movies.

Joel Robinson did not return to the Satellite of Love until episode 10x01 Soultaker. He returned to help repair the ship, which had been rigged to self-destruct by the evil Dr. Clayton Forrester. While there, he revealed that he had been running a hot fish shop back on Earth. After catching up with the bots and bonding with new captain Mike Nelson, Joel hopped aboard his spaceship and returned to Earth.

Character History

Memorable Moments