Mystery Science Theater 3000/Tom Servo

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Tom Servo
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Actors Josh Weinstein (season 0)
Kevin Murphy (seasons 1-10)
First Appearance Josh Weinstein
0x01 - Invaders From the Deep
Kevin Murphy
2x01 - Rocketship XM
Last Appearance 10x13 - Diabolik
Series Billing Main Character

Tom Servo is a character on the television show Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Basic Information

Tom Servo is a robot created by Joel Robinson to keep him company aboard the Satellite of Love. Tom Servo's wisecracks help Joel survive the awful movies sent to him by Dr. Clayton Forrester.

Tom Servo is made out of a gumball machines with two springs for arms and hands that cannot pick up anything. He travels by means of his hoverskirt, but need to be carried over a heating grid when entering the theater. His lack of legs led to a crippling case of "Short Man's Disease" at one point as he tried to overcompensate for his height by being as manly as possible. He is also easily upset and prone to fits of crying when presented with a problem.

Tom Servo is the most musical of the crew. He'll burst into song at the slightest provocation in order to demonstrate his deep singing voice. He's also the most intellectual of the crew and seems to have an appreciate for the finer things in life and good drama. He constructed hundreds of clones of himself throughout his years on the ship for reasons unknown. When the Satellite of Love began crashing towards Earth, Tom Servo had to spend most of the time before landing destroying all the clones.

When the Satellite of Love crashed to Earth, Tom Servo took up residence with Mike Nelson and Crow T. Robot in a crummy apartment, where it is assumed they continued their viewing of bad movies forever.

Character History

Memorable Moments