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Crow T. Robot
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Actors Trace Beaulieu (seasons 0-7)
Bill Corbett (seasons 8-10)
First Appearance Trace Beaulieu
0x00 - The Green Slime
Bill Corbett
8x01 - Revenge of the Creature
Last Appearance 10x13 - Diabolik
Series Billing Main Character

Crow T. Robot is a character on the television show Mystery Science Theater 3000. He appears in each of the show's seasons.


Basic Information

Crow T. Robot is a robot created by Joel Robinson to keep him company aboard the Satellite of Love. Crow's wisecracks help Joel survive the awful movies sent to him by Dr. Clayton Forrester. The T in Crow's name stands for "the," appropriately enough. He is referred to as Art by Pearl Forrester as an in-joke and because the two characters have a friendly relationship.

Crow is a golden robot with two long arms that have limited functionality. Crow often jokes about how useless his arms are, but they rarely stop him from doing what he wants. Some viewers mistakenly believe that Crow is sitting backwards in the theater segments, but this is just an optical illusion produced by the top of his head. He is viewing the screen just like the other crew members.

Crow is slightly less intelligent than Tom Servo. He's also more whiny and prone to getting angry. He often does stupid things without thinking of the consequences, like using a pickaxe to chop away at the ship's outer hull. Crow is also known for using jokes way past the point of being humorous just to annoy his fellow shipmates. His stated catchphrase is "You Know You Want Me Baby!" Though he never used this phrase, it didn't stop him from printing up several thousand T-shirts with the slogan in an effort to make money.

Crow was the first crew member to return to the ship after turning into pure energy. He quickly became bored with that concept and decided to hang around the ship by himself for many years. When Mike Nelson and Tom Servo returned to the ship, so many years had passed that he did not recognize them. While he was alone on the ship, he discovered the existence of the Nanites - a microscopic race of bio-engineered organisms that performed various tasks on the ship to keep it running.

When the Satellite of Love crashed to Earth, Crow took up residence with Mike Nelson and Tom Servo in a crummy apartment, where it is assumed they continued their viewing of bad movies forever.

Character History

Memorable Moments