Mystery Science Theater 3000/Pearl Forrester

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Pearl Forrester
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Actor Mary Jo Pehl
First Appearance 6x07 - Bloodlust
Series Billing
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Basic Information

Pearl Forrester is Dr. Clayton Forrester's dominerring mother who came to stay at Deep 13 in the episode Night of the Blood Beast.

She eventually takes over the operation and moves to her ancestral home, Castle Forrester.

Pearl pursues Mike and the bots in her spacecraft that looks suspiciously like a Volkswagen bus.

She is usually in the company of Bobo, an ape from Planet of the Apes, and an "Observer" who also goes by the name Brain Guy. Brain Guy is a highly evolved, yet strangely immature being who carries his brain around in a dish.

Character History

Even though she is holding Mike and the bots prisoner and chasing them across the universe, she has a friendly relationship with Crow T. Robot. She will occasionally call him Art and bestow special privileges and favors on him.

Memorable Moments



  • "I'll get you!" ... the opening song.