Mystery Science Theater 3000/Mike Nelson

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Mike Nelson
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Actor Michael J. Nelson
First Appearance 5x12 - Mitchell
Last Appearance 10x13 - Diabolik
Series Billing Main Character
Episode Count 91

Mike Nelson is a character on the television show Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Basic Information

Mike Nelson was working at temp agency when he was given the job to clean out Deep 13, the underground lair of Dr. Clayton Forrester. While he was working there, Joel Robinson escaped his imprisonment on the Satellite of Love. Needing a new test case for his evil experiments, the evil doctor sent Mike up onto the satellite. Mike was then subjected to a new awful movie each week in which he will was tested. He was aided by Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo, two wisecracking robots built by Joel Robinson.

When his funding was cut, Dr. Clayton Forrester disconnected life support on the Satellite of Love and left it to drift off into space. Mike and the robots managed to gain control of the ship but ended up getting shot across space. Once they reached the outer limits of space, they turned into beings of pure energy.

Mike and the bots were mysteriously called back to the ship after many years. They arrived to discover that Earth was now under the control of apes. They encountered Professor Bobo and his boss, "The Lawgiver," who turned out to be Pearl Forrester. She pledged to continue the work of her son and torture Mike by sending him bad movies to watch.

With Pearl Forrester in pursuit, Mike and the bots travelled across the galaxy causing mayhem. Mike accidentally destroyed several planets and was brought to trial for it, but ultimately got off the hook. The ship traveled through a wormhole which brought it back to present day. When Pearl Forrester bought a joystick to control the ship, she accidentally broke it and sent the ship crashing back towards Earth. After escaping from the wreckage, Mike and the bots shared an apartment together and apparently watched awful movies together for the rest of their lives.

Character History

Memorable Moments