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Dr. Clayton Forrester
Mystery Science Theater 3000
Actor Trace Beaulieu
First Appearance 0x00 - The Green Slime
Last Appearance 7x06 - Laserblast
Series Billing Main Character

Dr. Clayton Forrester is a character on the television show Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Basic Information

Dr. Clayton Forrester is the mad scientist behind the entire premise of Mystery Science Theater 3000. He built the Satellite of Love as a type of prison on which to strand a hapless victim. His goal is to find the world's worst movie. A movie so bad that it can break the wills of all who view it. Once he discovers this movie, he will broadcast it all over the world and control all of humanity. To discover the world's worst movie, he kidnapped Joel Robinson, a custodian at Gizmonics Institute where he worked. He sent Joel up to the Satellite of Love and retreated to his hidden underground lair, Deep 13.

Each week, Dr. Forrester sends up a new awful film to subject Joel to. He was initially aided by Dr. Laurence Erhardt, but when Erhardt went missing he hired TV's Frank to be his sidekick. Forrester and Frank had a love/hate relationship, with a heavy emphasis on the hate part. In addition to the movie experiments, Forrester forces Joel to perform in invention exchanges with him each week in which they attempt to top each other with useless inventions. It's unlikely that Forrester counted on Joel creating robot companions for himself, but he doesn't seem to mind it. His primary focus seems to be torturing Joel, not the experiment itself.

Dr. Forrester made the mistake of leaving an escape pod hidden on the Satellite of Love, which allowed Joel to escape. Fortunately for him, Dr. Forrester had recently hired a temp to clean up Deep 13 - Mike Nelson. He sent Mike up to take Joel's place and the experiment continued. While Dr. Forrester enjoyed a semi-friendly rivalry with Joel, he flat out hated Mike Nelson, who hated him in return.

Dr. Forrester was left alone once again when TV's Frank ascended to Second Banana Heaven to live with other famous sidekicks. His mother, Pearl Forrester, arrived to keep him company. Soon after, his source of funds were cut and he had to abandon the experiment. He cut the Satellite of Love loose and left its crew for dead. Left bedridden by his monumental failure, Dr. Forrester stared into space until his turned into a space baby. Pearl Forrester took him up and pledged to raise him right this time and keep him away from the life of an evil scientist, but even as a baby he was an annoying pest so she broke her promise and killed him.

Character History

Memorable Moments


The character was named after the protagonist in the 1953 film adaptation of The War of the Worlds.


  • Push the button, Frank.