Mystery Science Theater 3000/Gypsy

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Mystery Science Theater 3000
Actors Jim Mallon (seasons 0-7)
Patrick Brantseg (seasons 8-10)
First Appearance Jim Mallon
0x00 - The Green Slime
Patrick Brantseg
8x01 - Revenge of the Creature
Last Appearance 10x13 - Diabolik
Series Billing Secondary Character

Gypsy is a character on the television show Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Basic Information

Gypsy is a robot created by Joel Robinson to pilot the Satellite of Love and keep things running smoothly so that he and the other robots were free to watch the movies and goof around. From time to time, Gypsy took a break from her duties to have fun with the other robots and participate in the host segments.

Gypsy is a sensitive robot, and most of her appearances in host segments ended with her getting upset over the verbal jabs of Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo. Gypsy has a very odd voice that makes her seem less intelligent than she is. In reality, so much of her functions are devoted to keeping the ship running that her voice suffers as a result. Gypsy did enter the theater on occasion. The first time she did this was in Episode 1x12 - Untamed Youth.

After the Satellite of Love crashed into Earth, Gypsy was free to use her smarts for her own gain. She started a company called ConGypsco and quickly became extremely rich.

Character History

Memorable Moments