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Across the Sea
Season 6, Episode 15
Airdate May 11, 2010
Production Number 615
Written by Carlton Cuse &
Damon Lindelof
Directed by Tucker Gates
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The Candidate
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What They Died For
LostSeason Six

Across the Sea is the fifteenth episode of the sixth season of Lost, and the one-hundred eighteenth episode overall. The motives of John Locke/The Man in Black are finally explained.

Starring: Naveen Andrews (Sayid), Nestor Carbonell (Richard), Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), Emilie de Ravin (Claire), Michael Emerson (Ben), Jeff Fahey (Frank), Matthew Fox (Jack), Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Josh Holloway (Sawyer), Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), Yunjin Kim (Sun), Ken Leung (Miles), Evangeline Lilly (Kate), Terry O'Quinn (Locke), Zuleikha Robinson (Ilana).

Guest Starring: Kenton Duty (Teenage Jacob), Allison Janney (Mother), Lela Loren (Claudia), Mark Pellegrino (Jacob), Titus Welliver (Man in Black),

Co-Starring: Ryan Bradford (Boy in Black), Ivo Nandi (Oldest Hunter).


Plot Overview

The Island

Off the Island




The Cursed Numbers


Arc Advancement





The Show

Behind the Scenes

Missing in Action: The entire main cast are credited but do not appear in any new footage in this episode. This is the first and only time this happened in the series. While the main cast didn't appear in any new footage there is some reused footage of Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly and Terry O'Quinn from episode 1x06 - House of the Rising Sun at the end of the episode.

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments