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Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Season Four

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Season Four
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Season Four
Season Premiere October 5, 1999
Season Finale May 23, 2000
Episode Count 22
Notable Episodes 4x06 - Wild at Heart
4x10 - Hush
4x22 - Restless

Season Three


Season Five

Season Four (1999–2000) of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the first season of the show to be produced without the high school setting. The show also received a budget increase, and is also the first season of the show to have substantially better aesthetic than the ones that preceded it.

In the season three finale, several integral characters of the show, including Angel, Cordelia, and Wesley relocated to the spinoff, Angel. This prompted the show to introduce new characters, including Riley and Tara. In addition, Spike and Anya return and reprise their roles. Because of the new spinoff, we see many crossover episodes in this season, several of which impact both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel in a big way.

This season acts as the pivotal point of the series. Without high school to keep them together, the Scooby Gang has no other choice but to drift off into their own separate lives. As a result, many of the main characters are forced into a state of limbo where their character remains stagnant for much of the middle half of the season in favor of other characters who are over-emphasized. This was a sharp criticism of the season that is eventually corrected in the last few episodes leading to the breakthrough season finale, Restless.

The villains play a backseat this seat to the main characters, although not intentionally. The original Big Bad of the season, Maggie Walsh saw a quick departure when Lindsay Crouse broke her contract. This prompted a new, less inferior Big Bad to be created hastily, through Adam. Since Adam appears very late into the season, the Big Bad is an afterthought to many viewers of the fourth season.

The theme that is explored throughout this whole season is relationship, whether it be a relationship with your friends, the person you love, or the company that you work for.


# # Title Airdate
57 1 The Freshman October 5, 1999
58 2 Living Conditions October 12, 1999
59 3 The Harsh Light of Day October 19, 1999
60 4 Fear, Itself October 26, 1999
61 5 Beer Bad November 2, 1999
62 6 Wild at Heart November 9, 1999
63 7 The Initiative November 16, 1999
64 8 Pangs November 23, 1999
65 9 Something Blue November 30, 1999
66 10 Hush December 14, 1999
67 11 Doomed January 18, 2000
68 12 A New Man January 25, 2000
69 13 The I in Team February 8, 2000
70 14 Goodbye, Iowa February 15, 2000
71 15 This Year's Girl (1) February 22, 2000
72 16 Who Are You? (2) February 29, 2000
73 17 Superstar April 4, 2000
74 18 Where the Wild Things Are April 29, 2000
75 19 New Moon Rising May 2, 2000
76 20 The Yoko Factor (1) May 9, 2000
77 21 Primeval (2) May 16, 2000
78 22 Restless May 23, 2000

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