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Robin Wood
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Actor D.B. Woodside
First Appearance 7x01 - Lessons
Last Appearance 7x22 - Chosen
Series Billing Season 7: Guest Star
Episode Count 14
Notable Episodes 7x14 - First Date
7x17 - Lies My Parents Told Me

Robin Wood is a character introduced in the seventh season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer played by D.B. Woodside. After Sunnydale High School was rebuilt, Wood became the new principal of the school.


Basic Information

Robin Wood is the son of Nikki Wood, a slayer who was active in New York City during the late 1970s or early 1980s, judging by her appearance in Fool for Love. He was only a young boy when his mother was killed by Spike and was raised by his mother's watcher in Beverly Hills.

Many years later, Wood was named the principal of Sunnydale High School after it was rebuilt and reopened three years after its destruction during Buffy's graduation ceremony by Mayor Richard Wilkins III. The Mayor attempted to ascend into demonhood, but was stopped by the entire graduating class. Over the next two years, it was rebuilt by a construction crew which employed Xander Harris and opened in time for Dawn's sophomore year. After it was reopened, Wood took the opportunity to give Buffy a job as a counselor so that he could keep an eye on her.

However, it becomes quickly apparent that Wood is fully aware of the mystical nature of Sunnydale, particularly the Hellmouth beneath the school. He's shown burying Jonathan Levinson and keeps a variety of knives hidden in his office. Eventually it's discovered that Wood is not, in fact, evil and is active as a freelance demon fighter.

When Wood discovered that Spike was his mother's killer and that Buffy was protecting him, he and Giles conspired to distract Buffy so that Wood could get revenge on Spike. However, the plan failed and Buffy prevented Wood from killing Spike. During the time that he was alienated from the group, he became intimate with Faith and promised to surprise her if he survived the final battle with the First Evil. He did, though badly wounded, much to Faith's surprise.

With all of the potential slayers activated, Wood was given a group of newbie slayers to lead. His relationship with Faith was ended sometime between the destruction of Sunnydale and Buffy setting up slayer training in Scotland.

Episode Appearances

Robin Wood appeared in 14 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

  1. 7x01 - Lessons
  2. 7x02 - Beneath You
  3. 7x04 - Help
  4. 7x05 - Him
  5. 7x09 - Never Leave Me
  6. 7x10 - Bring on the Night
  7. 7x14 - First Date
  8. 7x15 - Get It Done
  9. 7x16 - Storyteller
  10. 7x17 - Lies My Parents Told Me
  11. 7x18 - Dirty Girls
  12. 7x19 - Empty Places
  13. 7x20 - Touched
  14. 7x22 - Chosen

Character History

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