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The Enemy Walks In
Season 2, Episode 1
Airdate September 29, 2002
Production Number E652
Writer(s) J.J. Abrams
Director(s) Ken Olin
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Trust Me
AliasSeason Two

The Enemy Walks In is the first episode of the second season of Alias, and the twenty-third episode overall. Sydney's mother harbors a sinister plan.

Guest Stars: Lena Olin (Irina Derevko/Laura Bristow), Derrick O'Connor (Alexander Khasinau), Greg Grunberg (Agent Weiss), Patricia Wettig (Dr. Judy Barnett)


Plot Overview

Sydney, in the office of CIA psychologist Dr. Barnett, recounts the particulars of the aftermath of the Khasinau lab bombing. Sydney wakes to find that her mother is actually 'The Man' and Khasinau is her subordinate. After asking Sydney who sent her and receiving a smart retort instead, Laura Bristow/Irina Derevko shoots Sydney in the shoulder and leaves her alone. Sydney breaks her bonds by dismantling the unreinforced chair she is and knocks down the door by fashioning a missile out of a pressurized gas tank. Fighting and shooting her way out, she contacts Jack at the plane and tells him she is going back to find Vaughn. The lab facility is full of Khasinau agents in full hazardous material gear, which allows Sydney to steal a suit and observe their activity. She leaves having found no trace of Vaughn.

The situation worsens as Will's contingency plan kicks off and his SD6 research story is made public along with questions about his whereabouts. Dixon has dutifully informed Sloane about Sydney's activities in Santa Barbara and her use of the codename 'Freelancer'. To provide a credible way out, Sydney turns herself in to SD6 and Jack goes in to say that he was directing her on covert operations of their own as they didn't trust Sloane. The end result having been the fracturing of Khasinau's operation and apparently loyal intentions, Sydney is released and Sloane allows Will to live following an assurance by Jack that Will's writing career will be over. Jack concocts a cover story where Will is portrayed as a habitual drug user and is found during a raid on a crack house. After release from police custody, he meets reporters outside and renounces his SD6 story as delusional fantasy brought on by drug use. As a consequence of the real injection of heroin Jack gives him, he has a period of withdrawl and loses his job at the paper.

Sydney is brought back into service for an operation to monitor the rebuilding Derevko/Khasinau operation. Jean Luc Rave, a French financier and member of the French National Assembly, is a likely source of information on Khasinau's activities. Sydney attends a party and breaks away to Rave's office to replace his phone cord with a bugged version along with a CIA time delayed relay, allowing the CIA to control what information they receive. While leaving the office, Sydney recognizes a face from the hazmat team in Taipei and follows him to a medical facility hidden downstairs. Avoiding him as he returns upstairs, she sees Khasinau performing live medical procedures on victims of the lab bombing. As he prepares to work on an unconscious Vaughn, Sydney distracts him and the two fight. Briefly drugging Sydney, he knocks her down and heads upstairs for assistance. Sydney, unable to fully revive Vaughn, gives him an injection of adrenaline into his heart and the two quickly escape. Thanking her and sharing a very uncomfortable moment outside, Sydney leaves to return to Dixon to avoid any suspicion. Vaughn's survival of the flooding is explained by his strength as a swimmer and an opening of a ceiling vent with a screwdriver, although he was captured soon after.

The CIA intercepts a discussion between Khasinau and Rave. A loyal Khasinau employee escaped from the facility with 'The Bible', a detailed book documenting contingency plans and operations that will be key for the organization. Taken to Spain, the Bible will be a valuable source of material and will allow the CIA to possible capture Khasinau. The CIA uses their bug relay to keep the information from SD6 and prepares a coordinated capture mission. As they move in on Khasinau and the Bible, Irina Derevko begins firing from a sniper's lookout at the CIA agents, wounding Eric Weiss among others. Khasinau escapes with the Bible while Sydney pursues him and the CIA agents close in on the source of the gunfire. They find the rifle rigged to a rotating antenna that Derevko set up as a distraction. Sydney corners Khasinau and the two have an extended fight before Sydney defeats him. Before she can recover, her mother orders her to the hold her hands up. Her mother fires and Sydney is surprised to find that Derevko has killed Khasinau and not her. Forcing her to the ground, her mother says 'The truth takes time' before leaving with the Bible.

In a surprising turn, Irina Derevko turns herself into the CIA soon afterwards and Sydney confesses to Dr. Barnett that she doesn't know how to handle this.


  • Sydney beats two guards and shoots another while also defeating Khasinau in hand to hand combat. Irina Derevko shoots and kills Alexander Khasinau and wounds several CIA agents.
  • Marshall gives Sydney a unique phone bug concealed in the phone cord. The CIA gives her a wireless relay with a time delay feature.

Arc Advancement



  • Emily Sloane dies and Sydney speaks at her funeral, equating her with the mother she wished that she had.
  • Francie opens up a restaurant.



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Memorable Moments


  • Sydney: (to Dr. Barnett about her mother surrendering to CIA custody) I'm not sure this is a problem I know how to handle.


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