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This article chronicles Gwen's participation in Season One of Total Drama Island.


A reluctant Gwen arrives at Camp Wawanakwa and has no intention of staying after seeing how the camp looks ("Not So Happy Campers (1)"), but she changes her mind after Trent arrives and their eyes meet as he walks by. She takes part in the cliff-jumping challenge and helps the Gophers to victory later by helping in the construction of their hot tub, the second part of the challenge ("Not So Happy Campers (2)"). She becomes the last camper still awake as she leads her team to another win in an "Awake-a-thon" challenge ("The Big Sleep"). Gwen, along with several other Gophers, gets annoyed with Noah for refusing to help the team in the dodgeball challenge while he also criticizes his teammates for their eventual loss to the Killer Bass ("Dodgebrawl"). When she stands up to Heather, who has coerced Lindsay and Beth into voting for her in a talent contest challenge, the vindictive Heather gets revenge by stealing Gwen's diary while Gwen is off swimming, then reads the diary on stage to humiliate her and expose her crush on Trent ("Not Quite Famous"), but Gwen gets back at Heather later by dumping red ants from Harold's ant farm into Heather's bed and gets a kick from watching her run, screaming with the ants swarming over her body, out of the Gophers cabin. She is forced to face her fear of being buried alive during a Fear Factor-style challenge when she steps into a glass coffin which is then buried beneath the sand on the beach ("Phobia Factor"), and with Trent's help, she succeeds despite spending longer than the required time in the coffin when Trent, who is supposed to dig her out afterward, gets chased off by his own fear (a mime), which puts a dent in their relationship.

Gwen is paired up with Cody for a trip to nearby Boney Island for a canoe race and has to fend Cody off several times when he makes passes at her ("Up the Creek"), but she makes the return trip with Trent after Cody realizes that Gwen is into Trent and decides to let them pair up instead. Frustrated with Heather appointing herself the Gophers' head chef and then doing no work of her own while bossing her teammates around during a cooking challenge, Gwen watches with enjoyment when Heather gets locked inside a walk-in freezer during a prank pulled by Leshawna and Lindsay ("If You Can't Take the Heat"). She is partnered with Heather during the rock-climbing portion of a trust challenge, giving Heather, acting as Gwen's belayer, the chance to embarrass Gwen by using a trick belay to rip off Gwen's skirt, exposing the pair of purple panties she is wearing underneath ("Who Can You Trust?"), but Gwen gets up to the top of the rock face anyway, then teams with Leshawna to take on an explosives-filled blind toboggan ride in the final leg of the challenge and they win the race for the Gophers when the Killer Bass' Geoff-DJ team is disqualified for DJ taking off his blindfold during the race. Gwen and Bridgette try to figure out who a haiku love letter deposited on a mess hall table is addressed to and who wrote it, with the two girls each assuming that their respective crushes, Trent and Geoff, may be the author ("X-Treme Torture"), but they soon find out that the letter was written for Leshawna, who is also surprised (as are Gwen and Bridgette) that Harold wrote the note to her.

After the Gophers and Bass teams are disbanded and the teams realigned by gender, Gwen joins the girls in a losing effort in a Battle of the Sexes challenge against the guys' team ("Brunch of Disgustingness"), who win a weekend stay at a five-star resort for their victory. Gwen's relationship with Trent is seriously strained by the interference of Heather, who resorts to tricking Trent into falling for her lies about Gwen and then kisses him right as Gwen arrives to see him at the dock ("Search and Do Not Destroy"), but when they find out that the jealous Heather cooked up the scheme solely to try to break them up and get Trent voted off to get back at Gwen, she and Trent make up and he encourages Gwen to continue in the game and win the grand prize while he watches and roots for her from back home. After seeing Heather cheat her way to immunity yet again, Gwen watches with pleasure when Lindsay, who was betrayed by Heather and eliminated from the game after being the last to finish in a bike-racing challenge, tells Heather off and adds that she hopes the snobby girl gets what she has coming to her ("That's Off the Chain!"). She faces down and gets the better of an escaped psycho killer with a hook for a hand when she kicks the hockey-masked killer in the face several times and he calls it quits, making her the winner of a horror movie-themed challenge ("Hook, Line, and Screamer").

Gwen is assigned to trap a duck as part of a challenge where the campers become Game Wardens for a day ("Wawanakwa Gone Wild!") and in spite of the duck being on the wily side, she still succeeds in trapping the fowl in a cage and is rewarded with a dinner for being the first camper to catch their assigned animal. On a return trip to Boney Island, she and Geoff team up in a three-armed triathalon challenge and Geoff gets Gwen to loosen up a bit and be more easygoing ("Trial by Tri-Armed Triathalon"). Gwen, Duncan, Owen and Heather get stranded on another part of the island after a torrential rainstorm washes away the camp cabins, and they are forced to work together to make their way back to Camp Wawanakwa ("Camp Castaways"). Gwen is forced into a reluctant alliance with Heather against Duncan and Owen when Chef Hatchet takes charge of a challenge and drops the final four into the woods ("Are We There, Yeti?"), with the girls using their wits to take the guys down for the win and leading to Duncan's elimination. Gwen endures several dares during a Triple Dog Dare challenge, then makes Owen an offer and teams up with him to get Heather eliminated ("I Triple Dog Dare You!") when Heather's vanity becomes her downfall after she refuses a dare to have her head shaved, but accidentally gets the clip job anyway after kicking the electric hair clippers, which come back down on her, out of Chef's hands. Gwen gets support from Trent during the final showdown against Owen, but finishes in second place thanks to Izzy and Lindsay's attempt to lure Owen to the finish line with brownies ("The Very Last Episode, Really!"); despite this, Gwen and Trent renew their romantic relationship and get invited to Owen's victory party the next week. When Chris introduces the $1,000,000 prize for the contestants to chase after at the post-show bash, Gwen, Trent and Leshawna join forces to chase after the suitcase the prize money is in ("Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island"), then end up as part of a 14-way tie which puts them into the mix for the show's second season.

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