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The Big Sleep
Season 1, Episode 3
Airdate July 15, 2007
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The Big Sleep is the third episode of the first season of Total Drama Island.

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Plot Overview

Chris wakes the two teams up at 7 AM and says the next challenge begins in one minute with a twenty kilometer run around the lake. The teams head out with some running, while others (like Heather) choose to walk and a few others (particularly Owen) struggle to finish. Afterwards, the tired campers are gathered in the main lodge. When everyone on the Screaming Gophers team arrives before the Killer Bass, the Gophers think they have won the challenge. However, Chris interrupts them to say the run wasn't the challenge and he unveils a delicious banquet feast for the campers to eat, featuring the following foods: Turkey, energy bars, cooked beans with maple syrup, and gravy. The campers gladly eat all of the food, overwhelmed by being able to eat real food after a week of Chef's barely-edible meals. They all think they have been through enough, but Chris announces the second part of the challenge—an Awake-A-Thon, where the last person still awake wins the challenge for his or her team. The twenty kilometer run and the large banquet of food served to make it more difficult for the campers to stay awake.

Twelve hours into the competition, Chris notes that all twenty one campers are still awake, but Owen quickly becomes the first one to succumb to slumber. Heather muses in her Confessional Can session about setting up an alliance to get her to the final three, needing someone desperate or dumb enough to be her lackeys. She asks Beth and Lindsay to join her in the alliance and do whatever she says, which they agree to do. On her way to the bathroom, Eva drops her MP3 player. Heather, apparently well aware of Eva's short temper and existing conflict with her own team, secretly scoops the MP3 player up and steals it. Heather banks on this enraging Eva, which will cause her teammates to eliminate her and get rid of one of their strongest members.

When the Awake-A-Thon hits the twenty-four hour mark (one full day and night), eighteen of the twenty-one campers remain awake. Chris decides to start reading fairy tales to the campers, accompanied by Chef (dressed in a tutu) playing the harp in order to lull more campers into sleeping. Chef starts dancing and sprinkling "sparkles" (possibly "sleeping sand") over the campers (with Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy music playing in the background). DJ, despite his attempts to stay awake by tying himself to a tree, falls asleep, taking the tree down with him. Courtney looks to keep moving in place constantly in order to stay awake, but eventually passes out as well. The score evens up with four Gophers and Bass awake when Lindsay and Beth fall asleep. Owen is seen sleepwalking naked as Trent and Gwen talk to each other to try and stay awake. Owen falls off the thousand foot cliff as his sleepwalking continues.

At the fifty-one hour mark, the campers notice that Justin has painted eyes to pretend to be awake and is ruled out by Chris. After Owen is shown sleep-swimming upstream with the fish, the scene shifts to eighty-five hours into the Awake-A-Thon. Duncan passes the time by causing a sleeping Harold to wet himself by putting his hand in warm water; Duncan is ecstatic when he realizes the old trick actually works. Noah awakes to discover he is cuddling with Cody and kissing his ear, which leads to both of them screaming in horror. Eventually, Chris suggests that the campers who had fallen asleep should take a shower, as everyone was starting to smell by this point. Harold, hoping no one will see that he had wet himself, is more than glad to obey.

By the 100-hour mark, only Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Eva, and Trent are left. Chris uses his last resort to lull the remaining campers to sleep—reading to them the history of Canada in pop-up book form. This is boring enough to put Eva and Heather to sleep. After a long struggle, Trent falls asleep soon after, which devastates Gwen (who was depending on him so she could still stay awake). It was now down to one Gopher and one Bass—Gwen and Duncan. After a while, Chris decides to give the remaining contestants a bathroom break. Duncan tries to hold it, but concedes when Gwen challenges him to hold it for another ten chapters. Duncan is later found having succumbed to slumber in a stall in the communal washrooms, and this news is announced to Chris mere seconds before Gwen passes out as well. Gwen is declared the official winner of the Awake-A-Thon, giving her and her team invincibility.

Later that afternoon, a raging Eva is seen throwing things out of the Bass cabin's window, looking for her MP3 player. Eva accuses her teammates of stealing it. Soon, Heather arrives and says she found the MP3 player next to the campfire pit (while conveniently leaving out that she had stolen it earlier), then hands it back to Eva, who tries to apologize to the Bass for snapping and accusing them, but is only frowned upon by her teammates. That night at the campfire ceremony, Eva is voted off for her temper, which fulfills Heather's plot to eliminate a potential threat to her in the game. After screaming at her former teammates, kicking Chris in the shin and throwing a stick javelin-style toward Courtney, Eva boards the Boat of Losers and leaves the island.

Meanwhile, Courtney has a marshmallow toast with her teammates, vowing that her team will not end up in this position again next week. Over at a cave some distance from Camp Wawanakwa in the meantime, a still-naked Owen is still asleep while a group of sasquatches watches him when Owen farts. The unimpressed sasquatches then kick out Owen, who remains asleep and farts one last time just before the iris-out.


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Behind the Scenes

  • Wilson would subsequently return to the series during the second half of its fifth season, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island, as the voice of Sugar

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