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Total Drama Island
Actors Rochelle Wilson (Not So Happy Campers, Part 1 and 2)
Emilie-Claire Barlow (all other appearances)
First Appearance 1x01 - Not So Happy Campers (1)
Series Billing Main cast
Episode Count 15 (Total Drama Island)
15 (Total Drama Action)
20 (Total Drama World Tour)
12 (Total Drama All-Stars)
Total: 62
Notable Episodes 1x12 - Basic Straining
1x22 - After the Dock of Shame
2x14 - One Million Bucks, B.C.
2x15 - Million Dollar Babies
2x16 - Dial M For Merger
2x17 - Super Hero-ld
2x19 - The Princess Pride
2x21 - Rock n' Rule

Courtney is a character on Total Drama Island. She was originally voiced by Rochelle Wilson in the show's two-part series premiere, "Not So Happy Campers", before Emilie-Claire Barlow assumed the role in all other appearances.


Basic Information

Courtney is a member of Team Amazon on Total Drama World Tour, the third season of TDI. She first appeared as a member of the Killer Bass in the first season, and she was the fourth and final captain of the Killer Grips team on Total Drama Action, the second season. Going into the show, she has assumed leadership roles for herself, serving as the treasurer of her school's student council, running for student council president and working as a counselor-in-training at a summer camp prior to becoming a contestant on TDI, and she hopes to use those experiences to help her win the game.

Courtney is a pretty girl with light brown hair and a few freckles between her eyes, and her outfit consists of a conservative gray-colored top over a white blouse and form-fitting green tights. She is (at least in the beginning) often polite and sweet-natured, but she sometimes casts those personality traits aside and becomes bossy toward her Killer Bass teammates in order to ensure that the team has the proper mindset to win (although she is nowhere near as bossy as Screaming Gophers rival Heather is). Following a personal moral code, she strongly believes that people should play fair and by the rules, but she also later realizes that to get to the top, she sometimes has to break the rules. Her insistence on perfectionism and adhering to the rules, combined with constantly reminding her teammates of her past CIT experience, cause Courtney to grate on the nerves of several of the Bass.

Courtney develops a love-hate relationship with rebellious fellow Bass member Duncan, who is the diametric opposite of Courtney in many ways. She frequently disapproves of Duncan constantly bending the rules and flouting the authority of Chef Hatchet, and Duncan, in turn, teases Courtney about always following the rules and seeking the approval of others. She initially gets put off by Duncan frequently hinting that she secretly likes him, but when she visits Duncan at the camp boathouse after he is sent to spend the night there by Chef for defying him one time too many, Duncan calls Courtney on her need to follow the rules all the time, then he convinces her to break a rule for a change and they head off to steal some food from the show's catering tent, which they bring back to the other campers to snack on. At that point, Courtney stops denying her feelings for Duncan and the two share a kiss, which catches the attention of Harold.

Immediately afterward, Courtney becomes the 11th camper to be voted off, but it is later revealed that she was eliminated unfairly because Harold, who had been the frequent victim of pranks pulled by Duncan (assisted by Geoff and DJ), broke into the voting ballot box and switched several ballots inside with phony ballots with Courtney's name written on them to get revenge against Duncan. As she leaves on the Boat of Losers, Duncan heads to the dock and cements his new relationship with Courtney by tossing her a souvenir—a small wooden skull carved by Duncan. At the Playa de Losers resort later on, Courtney finds out that Harold was behind her elimination and she pays the skinny geek back for it by beating him up. She also reveals to the camera that she had been crushing on Duncan during her entire time at Camp Wawanakwa, and the other eliminated contestants eavesdropping on her when she did leads her to finally admit it to the other campers.

Courtney returns with all the other eliminated contestants for the championship final between Gwen and Owen, where she and Duncan engage in a passionate kiss. She takes part in a chase for a briefcase containing $1,000,000 at the post-show party, initially teaming up with Duncan in pursuit of the case, but then double-crossing him and taking the case after Duncan sprains his ankle and she leaves him behind. Courtney's efforts end up in vain, however, as she loses the case and does not finish as part of the 14-way tie that sees those 14 contestants move on to Season Two. She later appears on the renamed series, Total Drama Action, in the talk-show segment episode "The Aftermath: 1", where she gets in touch with an attorney via cell phone in an attempt to get on the show and become a contestant (which stems from the events of Season One, when Courtney threatened to sue the show's producers for her wrongful elimination). Courtney appears again in "The Aftermath: For 2?" where, when Duncan and Gwen's friendship became one of the topics during this episode, Courtney accuses Gwen of stealing Duncan away from her. Also, in a never-before-seen clip from the show, Duncan and Gwen were stargazing and later playfully wrestle to the ground. Geoff, in a deliberate attempt to stir up trouble for Gwen and Duncan, makes up a kissing drawing between their mouths, which completely made Courtney furious. The jealous Courtney then walks off and again calls her lawyer.

Courtney makes her return in "Ocean's Eight - Or Nine" after successfully winning her lawsuit against the show and the producers allow her to return. Her reunion with Duncan is not a happy one, as she is still mad about his friendship with Gwen. Courtney instead joins the Killer Grips over Duncan's team, the Screaming Gaffers, and she takes over from Lindsay as captain of the Grips. As the result of the events leading to her elimination last season, Courtney has become increasingly litigation-obsessed, as she constantly threatens to call her attorneys every time things don't go her way (such as when, in a fit of jealousy, she storms off the TDA Aftermath set after seeing the Geoff-manipulated footage of Gwen and Duncan, and then again when she is unwillingly put on the Grips team). Because of her bossiness and aggressive ambition and because they also find her more annoying than in the previous season, Courtney has also become unpopular with her fellow contestants on TDA (which led the Grips to actually attempt to vote her off legitimately after her return), but Chris Maclean discounts the votes against her to the Grips' chagrin and reveals that, in order to appease Courtney and prevent more lawsuits from her, they are not allowed to vote her off in that episode (which, thanks to Chris rigging the rules for Courtney's benefit, leads to Owen being unfairly eliminated this time). She also draws the ire of everyone else on the show, as well as establishing herself as the show's new main antagonist, when it is revealed that, thanks to her lawyers, she gets more special treatment from Chris in the form of individual privileges and a special set of rules made just for her, and she further annoys the other players in general by again reminding them of her CIT experience (and Duncan in particular by continuing to falsely accuse him of cheating on her with Gwen).

In "Top Dog", Courtney is one of the two contestants who gets sent home (along with Owen) due to Duncan having enough of her aggressive new attitude and her trying to control their relationship (in particular, because of the rulebook she made to try to dictate Duncan into changing his ways). This made Courtney furious and she tells Duncan that they are finished as a couple before she and Owen get escorted from the film lot. Despite that, she reunites with Duncan at the season-ending final edition of TDA Aftermath after Duncan captures the $1,000,000 grand prize in a close contestant vote.

Courtney qualifies to become a contestant on TDWT in the Celebrity Manhunt special, then joins Team Amazon in the Season Three premiere.

Character History


  • Courtney's name in the show's French-language version, L'île des Défis Extrêmes, is Audrey