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Total Drama Island
Actor Drew Nelson
First Appearance 1x01 - Not So Happy Campers (1)
Series Billing Main cast
Episode Count 27 (Total Drama Island)
24 (Total Drama Action)
13 (Total Drama World Tour)
1 (Total Drama: Revenge of the Island)
9 (Total Drama All-Stars)
Total: 74
Notable Episodes Dodgebrawl
Riot on Set
Beach Blanket Bogus
3:10 to Crazytown
Full Metal Drama
Get a Clue
Mutiny on the Soundstage
TDA Aftermath IV: Who Wants to Pick a Millionare

Duncan is a character on Total Drama Island. He is played by Drew Nelson.


Basic Information

Duncan is a member of the Heroic Hamsters (and formerly with the Villainous Vultures) on Total Drama All-Stars, the first half of the fifth season of TDI. In previous seasons, he first appears as a member of the Killer Bass team in the show's first season, he was the second and final captain of the Screaming Gaffers team on Total Drama Action (the second season), he was a member of Team Chris is Really, Really, Really, Really Hot in Total Drama World Tour (the third season), and he made a cameo appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island (the fourth season). He is a self-professed juvenile delinquent who has had a history of run-ins with the law and has spent time in juvenile detention, which is ironic due to the fact that he comes from a family which is involved in law enforcement. He correspondingly has a tough guy personality and attitude, enhanced by his manner of dress (a green Mohawk hairdo, piercings in his nose, left eyebrow and ears, a spiked dog collar around his neck, and a black T-shirt with a skull on the front). He also has a quick wit and a wry and sardonic sense of humor, and he greatly enjoys breaking the rules and getting under the skin of those he targets for his jibes and pranks.

In spite of his anti-social demeanor, Duncan does form friendships with Bass teammates DJ and Geoff, as well as with former Screaming Gophers opponents Trent and Owen after both teams are dissolved later in the competition, and he finds some common interests with Gwen (such as horror movies). He, DJ and Geoff enjoy playing pranks on the geeky Harold, which stemmed from their efforts to teach Harold a lesson for leaving his dirty underwear lying around on the floor of the Bass cabin. He has also assumed leadership roles within the Bass on several occasions, including leading his team to victory in a dodgeball challenge early in the game.

Early on, Duncan develops a love-hate relationship with the prim and proper Courtney, who is Duncan's diametric opposite in many ways. While Courtney often disapproves of Duncan constantly bending the rules and flouting the authority of Chef Hatchet, Duncan responds by teasing Courtney about always following the rules and seeking other people's approval. He frequently hints to Courtney that she secretly likes him, which annoys Courtney and puts her off, but when she goes to see Duncan while he spends the night in the camp boathouse after Chef sends him there for defying him once too often, he manages to convince Courtney to break a rule for a change, then they sneak over to the show's catering tent and steal some food right from under the noses of Chef and Chris Maclean to bring back to the other campers to munch on. Eventually, Duncan breaks down Courtney's defences as she realizes that she likes him and they share a kiss. The kiss is seen by a disgruntled Harold, who then gets back at Duncan for his pranks against him by tampering with the camper elimination ballots to get Courtney unfairly eliminated from the game. Soon after Courtney is eliminated from the game, Duncan and Leshawna were paired up for three parts of a challenge, one including building a totem pole of carved wooden heads of each of the eliminated campers in the order of their elimination. It is shown during that challenge that he engraved C+D inside a heart on the wooden Courtney head for his and Leshawna's totem pole.

Like all the other contestants on the show, Duncan is not a fan of Heather. Although he initially hopes that Heather gets a bunk above his own when the players are first assigned to their teams, Duncan soon comes to hate her as the result of her evil scheme to break up Gwen and Trent and, demonstrating that he does have some level of morality, he gladly joins Leshawna's crusade to vote Heather out of the game to punish her, but those plans are foiled when Heather wins immunity in a challenge. He also mistakenly believes that Heather was behind Courtney's earlier elimination (not realizing then that Harold is the actual culprit) and, during a Confessional Can session which is later shown to the campers during a vote-off, he vows to make Heather pay the price for it. Oddly, he forms an alliance with Heather at one point during an animal trapping challenge, but he reveals his ulterior motive for doing so during a Confessional Can session when he figures that Heather could get eaten by her assigned target, a bear.

Duncan makes it to the final four in the game, but he becomes the 21st camper eliminated when, in another guys vs. girls-type showdown, Owen costs the guys' team the challenge when, in a rush to get to a plate of iced cinnamon buns made by Chef, Owen forgets to tag a totem pole at home base, leading to Gwen and Heather getting the win. Duncan returns with the other eliminated contestants for the championship final between Gwen and Owen, where he ends up passionately kissing Courtney again. At the post-show party, he takes part in the chase for the $1,000,000 briefcase which results in him and 13 other players ending up in a tie to move them on to the show's second season.

On TDA, Duncan shows some adeptness at acting, which wins a challenge for his team the Screaming Gaffers, and he reveals during a Confessional Makeup Trailer session that the reason he continues to hassle Harold is because he found out about Harold being behind Courtney's wrongful elimination last season. He also shows his crafty and scheming sides when he convinces Gaffers teammate Gwen that she is the reason Trent has an obsession with the number 9 (by telling her that the total number of letters in her and Trent's names add up to nine, which is later disproven by Trent in the TDA Aftermath talkshow segment), causing Duncan to be one of the catalysts behind Gwen and Trent's later breakup. He assumes the captaincy of the Gaffers when Gwen is later eliminated, both due to a scandal involving presumed cheating by Gwen and Trent (even though she is, in fact, innocent of any wrongdoing in that case) and when Heather finds out that Gwen threw a challenge for the Gaffers (under threat of blackmail by Killer Grips captain Justin). In "Ocean's Eight - Or Nine", Duncan leads his team to the bank during the bank heist challenge, where in a surprise, Courtney returns to the competition. Duncan faints after seeing her as the teller. Throughout the next few episodes of TDA, Duncan and Courtney's relationship has been hitting some speed bumps when the two begin to compete against each other on different teams, with Courtney both accusing Duncan of cheating on her with Gwen (which he has not done, as he has made it clear that he still has eyes for Courtney) and aggressively beating him in challenges.

Duncan, along with Beth, becomes one of the two finalists in TDA when Courtney is finally eliminated from the game after an animal training challenge, followed by the returning Owen getting fired by Chris after Owen's new role as the show producers' mole and saboteur is exposed. Duncan wins the $1,000,000 grand prize in a 4-3 contestant vote over Beth (with one vote spoiled due to Izzy, in one of her usual moments of craziness, voting for herself) in the TDA championship final in the season-ending final edition of TDA Aftermath.

Duncan qualifies to be a contestant on Total Drama World Tour during the Celebrity Manhunt special, but he becomes the first player eliminated from the game this season, before the teams are even formed, when he voluntarily quits after he refuses to sing on the show, a requirement for playing in the game. He later makes his return to the game in "I See London..." after being captured by Gwen and Courtney in a punk rock club in London, England and is placed on Team Chris by Chris Maclean. Duncan's return soon inflames the alliance between Gwen and Courtney (which they formed while he was gone) when he put the moves on Gwen and kissed her in the airplane's Lavatory Confessional, which was witnessed by a shocked Tyler.

Thanks to the kiss Duncan planted on Gwen, the Gwen-Courtney alliance soon collapses when, under threat of blackmail by Alejandro during a Greek stopover, Tyler is forced to reveal the Duncan-Gwen kiss, infuriating Courtney and causing her to have a meltdown against Gwen and to throw a childish temper tantrum against Duncan which climaxes with her kicking him in the groin while she is on the floor. Duncan is also forced by Chris to sing more often on the show to make up for the time he missed singing while he was gone. Despite making it to the final five, he becomes the 15th contestant to be eliminated when Heather and Alejandro team up to vote him off.

Duncan is seen briefly in the TDRI season premiere, kissing with Gwen aboard the luxury yacht with the other past contestants before the yacht quickly takes off. He later makes a cameo appearance in "Grand Chef Auto", where he had to take part in a demonstration for the season's new contestants, but instead took off, only reappearing at the end of the episode when he blows up Mount Chrismore, much to Chris's chagrin.

Duncan returns as a contestant in TDAS, where he is placed with the Villainous Vultures. Notably, he also appears to be having a falling-out with Vultures teammate Gwen, as she refuses to kiss him while he is annoyed about her not being happy about being on the Vultures and complaining about being put on the wrong team (as she had been purposely placed with the Vultures by Chris, despite her being a heroic character and not a villain). He is later switched to the opposition Heroic Hamsters in exchange for Courtney when he sacrifices himself to save Gwen during a challenge, while Courtney simultaneously commits a villainous act by selfishly using then-teammate Sam as a human shield during the same challenge. After switching with Courtney, Duncan is shown to be unhappy with being a Heroic Hamster, as the good influence of his new teammates gradually causes Duncan to inadvertently be helpful, backfiring his crimes in the process. For this reason, Duncan is led to an identity crisis similar to that of Gwen's, only in reverse, believing that being a Heroic Hamster is ruining his delinquent reputation. However, Duncan's reputation is eventually restored by blowing up Chris' cottage with a stick of dynamite. After the destruction of Chris' cottage, Duncan becomes the seventh player to leave the competition when he is removed from the game for being arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police at the elimination ceremony. He later reappears with the other eliminated contestants in the championship final.

Duncan will not be appearing at all in the second half of the show's fifth season, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.

Character History

Memorable Moments


  • Duncan's name in the show's French-language version, L'île des Défis Extrêmes, is Hugo


  • Courtney (indignant): You're such an ogre!
    Duncan (non-chalantly): I've been called worse.
  • Courtney: Why do you smell worse than usual?
    Duncan: It's Owen's stink. It's following me around like my juvenile record.
    Courtney: Well, I'm heading back. This stupid game must be almost over by now.
    Duncan: You're going the wrong way.
    Courtney (insulted): Excuse me—I was a CIT, remember? I have a natural sense of direction. Camp is this way.
    Duncan (pointing in the other direction): No, it's that way. (Courtney rolls her eyes and continues to move forward; Duncan does the same, and both bump into each other and get their deer antlers tangled up)
  • Harold: Hey, where are Duncan and Courtney? (Sadie nudges Harold and points forward as they see Courtney and Duncan struggling with their antlers)
    Gwen (grinning): Oh, this is too much!
    Owen: Ooooh Duncan, you sly dog you!
    Duncan: The girl can't keep her antlers off me! (an unimpressed Courtney then kicks Duncan in the groin)
    Duncan (groaning in pain, with voice pitched high due to the kick): Can't even bend over.