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This article chronicles Gwen's participation in Season Two of Total Drama Island (known then as Total Drama Action).


Gwen and the other 13 contestants arrive at the abandoned film studio in suburban Toronto to begin Season Two ("Monster Cash!"), and they all get chased and captured by an animatronic monster being remote controlled by Chef. She and Trent finish as the only two players to capture alien eggs and successfully avoid being blasted by a slimeball gun-armed Chef, disguised as an alien ("Alien Resurr-eggtion"); while their win gives them the power to choose teams, Gwen and Trent discover, to their shock, that this also makes them the captains of opposing teams. The Gwen-Trent relationship undergoes some strain again when Gwen makes Duncan her first pick for the Screaming Gaffers, and a jealous Trent retaliates by drafting Lindsay first for the Killer Grips ("Riot on Set"). Gwen becomes weirded out by her discovery of Trent's superstitious obsession with the number 9 ("Beach Blanket Bogus"), especially after Duncan tells her the root of the obsession—the combined number of the letters in her and Trent's names adding up to 9. She is reluctantly forced to dump Trent due to his increasing obsession and because she finds out that Trent took dives in past challenges to sabotage his own team and help her win ("3:10 to Crazytown"), and she convinces the less-than-impressed Killer Grips to vote out their own captain in order to set things right. She then gets forced by Justin, under threat of blackmail, to throw a prison movie-themed challenge for the Screaming Gaffers ("The Chefshank Redemption"), and when a suspicious Heather catches on after the Grips loudly drop some not-so-subtle hints during the challenge, she eagerly seizes the chance to get rid of Gwen by voting off her archrival at the Gilded Chris ceremony (with additional votes against Gwen coming from Harold, Leshawna and, surprisingly, Gwen herself).

Gwen returns as a guest on the second edition of TDA Aftermath to attempt to clear her name ("The Aftermath: For 2?"), but Aftermath co-host Geoff, who has seemingly allowed fame on the show to go to his head and is now uncharacteristically acting more like Chris, Justin and Heather due to taking advice from Chris' dietician, Justin's dermatologist and Heather's hair stylist, tries to turn public opinion against Gwen, gives her a hard time and manipulatively tries to make her look bad in the spotlight until Trent comes to Gwen's aid by confessing that he alone, not Gwen, was responsible for throwing challenges earlier in the show. In the season-ending final episode of TDA Aftermath to determine a winner of the $1,000,000 prize ("The Aftermath: 4"), Gwen quizzes finalists Duncan and Beth on how each would use their prize winnings to help the environment. The feud between Gwen and Heather continues as Heather spitefully mocks Gwen's online video blog, which leads to an incident where a brawl between the two breaks out and Gwen beats up Heather on nationwide television during an interview on the celebrity gossip series Celebrity Manhunt ("Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special"); later on, Gwen comments on her blog about the breakup between Duncan and Courtney, she continues to be falsely accused by Courtney of trying to "steal" Duncan, and she ends up being one of the contestants who qualifies to compete in Total Drama World Tour, TDI's third season.

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