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Phobia Factor
Season 1, Episode 7
Airdate August 12, 2007
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Total Drama IslandSeason One
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Phobia Factor is the seventh episode of the first season of Total Drama Island.

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Plot Overview

Picking up from the last episode where Katie was voted off, Sadie is still crying at the Dock of Shame with only Bridgette to keep her company. Bridgette, attempting to console Sadie, insists that they come back to the campfire pit, and pulls Sadie away, who pulls away a plank of wood in the process. When Bridgette and Sadie return to the Killer Bass by the campfire, they are joined by the Screaming Gophers who brought some leftovers from their tuck shop party, and then the Gophers admit that they can't go back to their cabin since Owen farted in it, and they need to let it air out. Beth brings a green gelatin mold to Courtney, who freaks out before rejecting the dessert, so Beth brings it to DJ. DJ looks at the jello, sees a gummy worm in it, and panics, thinking it is a snake.

When DJ reveals he's scared of snakes, Tyler sympathizes, telling him that he's scared of chickens. Once DJ and Tyler got the ball rolling, everyone starts talking about their greatest fears: Beth is scared of being covered in bugs, Harold is afraid of ninjas, and Heather is scared of sumo wrestlers. After everyone else has chipped in, Courtney suggests she isn't really afraid of anything, and Duncan gives the most off-the-wall fear of them all: Celine Dion music store standees.

At next morning's breakfast, Chris announces the next part of the challenge is a game he calls "Phobia Factor", where the campers will face their worst fears. Leshawna questions if it could be worse than breakfast. Chris calls Heather to the theater for sumo, causing Heather to spit out her drink in Trent's face; Chris then tells Gwen she's got a date with a few tons of sand. Lindsay asks how they could possibly know what their fears were, and Gwen tries in vain to explain the nature of a "reality show" to the ditzy blonde. Chris calls out to Chef Hatchet, asking about a special order for Tyler, and Chef passes Tyler a deep fried chicken; nervously, Tyler bites the head off the chicken-shaped food item, only to have the head of a real live chicken pop out, scaring him.

The campers convene outside near a swimming pool full of worms, and it's up to Beth to take the plunge. Shrugging, Beth hops into the pool, submerging herself in the worms (even eating some of them). The Gophers get on the scoreboard first and lead 1-0.

Lindsay and Sadie, having revealed their worst fear being bad hair cuts, are brought to the mess hall, while Chris brings two wigs for them to wear. Owen snatches one and tries it on, doing a little ballet dance before tripping and falling over; Chris takes the wig back, and plants them on the girls' heads. Izzy and Owen are taken to a yellow airplane that looks like it's on the verge of falling apart, piloted by flight attendant Hatchet. In the communal washrooms, Harold opens the stall door to see that he is surrounded by three ninjas; showing no fear, he whips out a nunchaku and starts to spin it around, and while he looks like an expert, Harold hits himself on the head, and falls unconscious into the toilet. Back outside, Leshawna encounters her worst fear, a spider (or more specifically, Chef in a large spider outfit), and she runs away screaming, much to Heather's dismay. At the amphitheatre, Heather faces off against a sumo wrestler. Too scared to even look at her opponent, Heather crouches down, but the sumo wrestler trips over Heather and bounces away. The Gophers lead 2-0.

Bridgette starts a six hour long seclusion in the woods around the camp, and while she acts like she can take it, she panics at the sight of a chipmunk at her feet, and kicks it all the way to the lake. At the beach, Gwen is in a Plexiglass box, being buried in sand by Chris. She only needs to stay there for 5 minutes, and Trent promises he'll stay right there with a walkie talkie.

Back at the amphitheatre, DJ is confronted with one of the smallest snakes in the world (which is implied to be Sadie's pet as she states that "she" (the snake) likes DJ), and he's terrified of it, especially when it blinks. The other Bass try to egg him on, especially Courtney whose bossy demeanor has her demanding that DJ just pick up the snake. Eventually, DJ reaches down and picks up the snake, conquering his fear. The Bass are down 1-2.

With three minutes to go, Gwen is managing her challenge well enough, especially with Trent talking to her, but the calm is disrupted when Trent is approached by his fear, a mime. Scared, Trent runs away, dropping his walkie talkie. Chris then takes Cody to his challenge, defusing a time bomb, which in this case is made out of garbage cans. Chris tells Cody he has 10 minutes to defuse it, and hands him a set of blueprints before running away. Back at camp, Duncan is faced with a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Celine Dion. Courtney tries to give him gentle reassurances, which gets Duncan to run towards the standee and hug it. The Bass tie it up at 2-2.

Trent is still being chased by the mime, who continues to do his mime bit, like being trapped in a box. Trent makes a run for the Dock of Shame and jumps in the water; when the mime tries to follow, Trent tells him that his makeup will run, so the mime gives up and leaves. The Gophers retake the lead, 3-2.

Back on the beach, Geoff is lying in a chair for a nap when a small dark cloud appears overhead and starts pelting him with his worst fear—hail, which Geoff described as small but deadly. When the hail starts falling, Geoff runs away screaming, and the miniature hail cloud follows him around; Lindsay sees the cloud and thinks it's cute. Trent is watching Chris control the cloud by remote, and asks if it can go lower and pelt him harder; Chris calls Trent sick, but he gladly agrees. Chris then says he's going to bury Geoff in hail, which reminds Trent about Gwen. Out in the woods, Bridgette is holding her own, but still has over 4 hours to go, and then she hears an explosion. Chris and Trent are digging up Gwen, and Chris guesses that the explosion was Cody, failing his challenge. A seriously injured and garbage covered Cody wanders through the woods looking for help, eventually stumbling on Bridgette who is scared away. At the beach, Trent digs out Gwen and finds her alright, and Gwen throws the walkie talkie at Trent's head in response to leaving her buried longer than she was supposed to be. The Gophers lead 4-2.

Elsewhere, the plane lands, and Izzy and Owen get out, just before the wings fall off; and while they conquered their fear, they are glad to be back on land. The Gophers lead 6-2.

Lindsay and Sadie are in the washroom after wearing the wigs all day, and take them off, then commend each other on how cute they each look. The Gophers lead 7-3.

Outside, Tyler is given another chance by being placed in a chicken pen for three minutes with a chicken and two baby chicks. Tyler gets in, but quickly ends up in a corner in the fetal position. Courtney shouts at him to stop acting like a girl, but Cody points out that the Bass are too far behind to win anyway. Chris then sweetens the pot, saying that the Bass still have one challenge left, and he'll make it worth triple points, which with Tyler's challenge would make it a tie. The last challenge is Courtney's and even though she didn't say what her fear was, the tape clearly shows her aversion to green gelatin, which she later says looks like snot. Courtney is brought to a swimming pool full of green jello, and a diving board; her challenge is to dive in for the three points. Courtney climbs up to the unusually high diving board, and the Killer Bass try to coax her into jumping, while the Screaming Gophers try to freak her out. While looking down, Courtney can't go through with it and she chickens out, costing the Bass the challenge. Not that it mattered, as Tyler also failed his challenge. While Courtney (literally) beats herself up over losing the challenge, Owen sits in the green jello, enjoying it.

At the campfire ceremony, Chris is down to the last two marshmallows, between Bridgette, Courtney, and Tyler; Chris is chewing them out for failing their challenges. Chris gives the next marshmallow to Bridgette and after a few seconds of drama, the last goes to Courtney. Tyler is sent to the Dock of Shame, while his former teammates taunt him with various bird related puns. While shedding a tear over costing his team the win on the Boat of Losers by failing to conquer his fear, a humiliated Tyler finds himself surrounded by several chickens and he freaks out. Meanwhile at the Confessional Can, Lindsay passes along a goodbye message to Tyler (whom she mistakenly calls "Taylor").


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