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Star Wars: Clone Wars

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Star Wars: Clone Wars
Star Wars: Clone Wars
Premiere November 7, 2003
Finale March 25, 2005
Creator Genndy Tartakovsky
George Lucas
Network Cartoon Network
Style 3/15-minute animated sci-fi action
Company Lucasfilm Ltd.
Cartoon Network Studios
Rough Draft Studios (3D Animation)
Seasons 3
Episodes 25
Origin USA
This article is for the traditionally animated series of shorts. For the CG animated series, see Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Star Wars: Clone Wars is an animated sci-fi series which takes place in between the second and third episodes of the Star Wars films. The clone wars have begun and the Jedi have taken sides with the Galactic Republic under Chancellor Palpatine against the Count Dooku's Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS).

The series was released in three parts. The first two seasons were made up of ten episodes each running daily at about 3 minutes apiece. The third season aired a year later shortly before the premiere of the third Star Wars movie and was made up of five episodes running daily. However, despite the shorter run, each episode was between 12 and 15 minutes.

A continuation of the series has been planned in an entirely different format. Although this series was 2-D animation designed under Genndy Tartakovsky's stylized vision, Star Wars: The Clone Wars will feature CG animation.



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast
Mat Lucas Anakin Skywalker 1 2 3
James Arnold Taylor Obi-Wan Kenobi 1 2 3
Grey DeLisle Asajj Ventress 1 2 3
Padmé Amidala 1 2 3
Shaak Ti 1 2 3
Tom Kane (II) Yoda 1 2 3
Cree Summer Luminara Unduli 1 2 3
Tatyana Yassukovich Barriss Offee 1 2 3
T.C. Carson Mace Windu 1 2 3
Corey Burton Count Dooku 1 2 3
San Hill 1 2 3
Daran Norris Ki-Adi-Mundi 1 2 3
Durge 1 2 3
Nick Jameson Chancellor Palpatine 1 2 3
André Sogliuzzo Clone Troopers 1 2 3
Captain Typho 1 2 3
Anthony Daniels C-3PO 1 2 3
John Di Maggio General Grievous 2
Richard McGonagle 3


Season Premiere Finale #
Cartoon Network
Season One November 7, 2003 November 20, 2003 10
Season Two March 26, 2004 April 8, 2004 10
Season Three March 21, 2005 March 25, 2005 5


  • At a Glance: Additional information about the series
  • Technology: Star Wars technology used in the series

DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Episode Collections
Volume One
Seasons One and Two
March 22, 2005 1


Volume Two
Season Three
December 6, 2005 1


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