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Kristine Kochanski
Red Dwarf
Chloe Annett as Kristine Kochanski
Actors Claire Grogan (Seasons 1 & 2)
Chloe Annett (Seasons 7 & 8)
First Appearance 1x01 - The End
Last Appearance 2x04 - Stasis Leak
Series Billing
Episode Count Clair Grogan: 4
Chloe Annett: 20
Notable Episodes


Basic Information

Claire Grogan as Kristine Kochanski (Center)

Kristine Kochanski was a console officer on the bridge of the Jupiter Mining ship Red Dwarf, first played by Claire Grogan (pictured left).

Dave Lister always dreamed of getting together with her and moving to Fiji. Although she was killed by the radiation leak in the first episode, Lister still hoped to bring her back as a hologram in the same way Arnold Rimmer was brought back.

Character History

We find out in the episode Balance of Power that Lister apparently did not talk to Kochanski much (173 words total, according to Holly). Perhaps that explains the season seven revelation that they had a failed relationship.

Starting in season seven, Kristine Kochanski, played by Chloe Annett, became a regular, recurring character. She is from an alternate universe, where Lister died in the radiation leak, and she survived by being in stasis. She has a close relationship with her sensitive and caring Dave Lister, who started out as a soft-light hologram. She only crossed over to our universe to get a sperm sample from our Lister so they could have children, but she was trapped here.

This new, more fleshed-out Kochanski is much too cultured to voluntarily hang around with our slobby Lister and the Cat, but she is stuck with them anyway.

Memorable Moments


  • She was brought up in the trendiest part of Glasgow: the Gorbals.
  • Her parents were rich.
  • She went through eleven years of cyberschool.
  • She has a brother she called "Moose".
  • She had a pony named Trumper.
  • She hates showers; prefers bathing instead.
  • As strange as it may seem, due to an incident involving time travel, Dave Lister, and a box with the word "Ouroboros" on it; she is Dave Lister's biological mother. See the episode Ouroboros for more detail.