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Red Dwarf is an ore ship owned and operated by the Jupiter Mining Corporation (JMC). It was designed to accomodate its large crew on multi-year voyages in deep space. It has crew quarters, cargo areas, game rooms, night clubs, theatres, the works. On the outside it is painted red with its name, "RED DWARF" in large white letters. The opening scenes of each episode (through series 5) show a figure on PD (painting duty) re-painting the letters.

The ship is equipped with several moderately sized shuttle craft. It also has numerous pods as well: ore sample pods, mail pods, garbage pods, etc. The onboard computer claims to have an an IQ of 6000. That number is the subject of some debate.

Red Dwarf is so large that it has thousands of floors. Travel times by lift can be so long that the lift even has an "in-flight" movie.

When the series premiered, the ship had the appearance of a fat, stubby, red space ship with huge chunks of rocky ore protruding from the hull in places. At some point the special effects were remade and Red Dwarf took on the look of a tall, sleek, red building with engines attached.