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Red Dwarf
Actors Norman Lovett (Seasons 1,2,7 & 8)
Hattie Haydridge (Seasons 3,4 & 5)
First Appearance 1x01 - The End
Last Appearance 8x08 - Only the Good...
Series Billing Billed
Episode Count Norman Lovett: 28
Hattie Haydridge: 18
Notable Episodes Queeg


Basic Information

Note: Holly was played by actor Norman Lovett during seasons 1,2 7, and 8. During seasons 3, 4, and 5 Holly was played by actress Hattie Hayridge. There were no appearances at all by Holly in season 6.

Holly is the ship's computer. He always appears as a disembodied head on a video screen of some sort. In the early seasons, each episode had a prologue where Holly gave a quick background of the show. The prologues usually ended with a joke of some sort.

Holly claims to have an IQ of 6000. However true that may or may not have been in the beginning, after three-million years, Holly has lost a few points and gotten "a bit peculiar". He is not above playing a joke here and there, and he is certainly not "infullible" (infallible).

Character History

Holly as played by Hattie Haydridge
At the start of season 3, Holly performed a "head sex-change" operation in order to look like the female computer (pictured left) that he had once fallen in love with in the episode Parallel Universe. After the change, Holly was just as ... let's just say her IQ remained the same!

Memorable Moments


  • Holly claims to have been in love once: a Sinclair ZX-81. She was cheap, stupid, and wouldn't load, at least not for him anyway.
  • Holly is responsible for maintaining the ship's hologram (Rimmer): waking him, dressing him, etc.


  • What's up dudes?