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This page is a timeline of the events of Lost that took place before the crash of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815.
Since there are very few on-screen indications of time and date of the occurrence or order of events, much of this page is open to interpretation and additional conjectures. Currently, this article is compiled with information from the episodes themselves and interviews with producers and writers of the show, along with the official ABC front website, Oceanic Air.
For additional information as to the layout of the events on this page, please refer to the Timeline Explanation article which has a complete listing of references of dates and times the timeline pulls information from. This listing became less important from Season two on, because explicit dates and explicit references to elapsed time were used in some episodes.


Over 50 years before the crash (BPC) of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 (Before 1954)

Crash-Centric Date Real Date Event Source
159 Years BPC After 3/22/1845 The Black Rock disappears. 4x05 - The Constant
152 Years BPC 1852 The log of the first mate of the Black Rock is found. 4x05 - The Constant
64 Years BPC 10/15/1940 Emily Annabeth Locke born. 1x19 - Deus Ex Machina
56 Years BPC 1947/1948 Bernard is born. 2x19 - S.O.S.

20 to 50 years before the crash (1954–1984)

Crash-Centric Date Real Date Event Source
50 years BPC 1954 A squadron of American soldiers arrive on the island to test a hydrogen bomb. They are all killed by Richard and the Others.

5x03 - Jughead

50 years BPC 1954 Richard and the Others interact with a group of time travelers from 2005 (see the season 5 timeline).

5x03 - Jughead

40-50 years BPC 1954-1964 'Adam & Eve' laid to rest in cave according to Jack's estimate of clothing degradation. 1x06 - House of the Rising Sun
48 Years BPC 5/30/56 John Locke is born almost three months premature. 2x19 - S.O.S.
4x11 - Cabin Fever
35-45 years BPC 12/19/64 Ben is born outside Portland. His mother dies during the birth. 3x20 - The Man Behind the Curtain
42 Years BPC 1962 Richard Alpert visits John Locke at age six and performs a test. John doesn't answer how he wants him to and he leaves. 4x11 - Cabin Fever
36 Years BPC 1968 James Ford (AKA Sawyer) is born. 1x08 - Confidence Man
35 Years BPC 1969 Sayid Jarrah is born in Baghdad. Oceanic-air.com
34 Years BPC 1970 Karen and Gerald DeGroot founded the DHARMA Initiative with funding provided by The Hanso Foundation. 2x03 - Orientation
25-35 Years BPC 1970-1979 Ben and Roger Linus arrive on the island. 3x20 - The Man Behind the Curtain
32 Years BPC 1972 Richard Alpert tries to get a sixteen year old Locke to go to a science camp in Portland. He refuses to go. 4x11 - Cabin Fever
29 Years BPC 11/27/1974 Jin is born to a prostitute who leaves the baby with Mr. Kwon unsure if the baby is his. 1x08 - Confidence Man
28 Years BPC 1976 James Ford's father kills James's mother and himself in front of James. 1x08 - Confidence Man
27 Years BPC 1977 Kate Austen is conceived while Sam Austen is deployed overseas and she is born three months after he returns. 2x09 - What Kate Did
27 Years BPC 1977 Hugo "Hurley" Reyes is born. 3x10 - Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
25 Years BPC 7/2/1979 Charlotte Lewis is born on the island. 4x02 - Confirmed Dead
5x05 - This Place Is Death
24 Years BPC 1980 Orientation films for stations "The Swan" and "The Pearl" created by DHARMA. 2x03 - Orientation
2x21 - ?
15-24 Years BPC 12/1979-2/1989 Mikhail Bakunin is stationed in Afghanistan sometime during the Soviet invasion. 3x13 - The Man from Tallahassee
22 Years BPC  ?/10/1981 Boone Carlyle is born. 1x13 - Hearts and Minds
1x21 - The Greater Good
21 Years BPC 10/27/1981 Claire Littleton is born. 1x18 - Numbers
3x12 - Par Avion
21 Years BPC 1982 Kate's parents split up. 2x09 - What Kate Did
20 Years BPC 1983 Shannon Rutherford is born. 1x13 - Hearts and Minds

10 to 20 years before the crash (1984–1994)

Crash-Centric Date Real Date Event Source
19 Years BPC 10/28/1984 "Suspected shutdown date" annotation on the Blast Door Map. Possibly the date of the gas attack on Dharma. 2x17 - Lockdown
3x20 - The Man Behind the Curtain
19 Years BPC 12/25/1984 Liam Pace receives a Voltron Transformer toy for Christmas. Charlie gets a piano 2x12 - Fire + Water
17 Years BPC 1987 James Ford assumes the name Frank Sawyer and becomes a con man because of a $6,000 debt. 1x08 - Confidence Man
17 Years BPC 1987 David Reyes takes off and leaves his son Hugo behind along with his brother, Diego and mother, Carmen. 2x10 - Tricia Tanaka Is Dead
15 Years, 10 Months+ BPC 1988 Leonard Simms and Sam Toomey hear the numbers transmission during a navy mission in the South Pacific 1x18 - Numbers
15 Years, 10 Months+ BPC 1988 Sam Toomey uses the numbers to win $50,000 in a bean-guessing contest. 1x18 - Numbers
15 Years, 10 Months, 4 Days BPC November 18, 1988 Danielle Rousseau's team, lured by the numbers transmission, shipwrecks on the island. They meet Jin and are attacked by the monster. Two members are killed by the monster. See the season 5 timeline. 1x09 - Solitary
5x05 - This Place Is Death
15 Years, 8 months BPC January 1989 Rousseau's team becomes sick after returning from the smoke monster's temple near the Black Rock. She kills them all. See the season 5 timeline. 1x09 - Solitary
5x05 - This Place Is Death
15 Years, 8 Months BPC* January 1989 Rousseau changes the numbers transmission to a distress call. 1x02 - Pilot (2)
3x22 - Through the Looking Glass
15 Years, 8 Months BPC January 1989 Rousseau gives birth to a daughter, Alex. 1x23 - Exodus (1)
5x05 - This Place Is Death
15 Years, 8 Months BPC 1988 Rousseau sees a pillar of black smoke, and that night Alex is taken by the Others. 1x23 - Exodus (1)
15 Years BPC 1988 Theresa, Boone's nanny, falls and breaks her neck on the stairs. 1x19 - Deus Ex Machina
15 Years, 1 Month, 1 Week BPC 8/15/1989 Young Kate Austen and Tom Brennan bury a time capsule. 1x22 - Born to Run
13 Years BPC January-March 1991 Sayid serves with the Republican Guard in the Gulf War. Kelvin Inman and Sam Austen serve with the U.S. Army and all three meet at the end of the war. 1x02 - Pilot (2)
2x14 One of Them
12 Years BPC 10/5/1992 Emily Annabeth Locke is admitted to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institution. 1x19 - Deus Ex Machina
12 Years BPC 1992 Boone's mother and Shannon's father marry. 1x13 - Hearts and Minds
12 Years BPC 1992 Ben participates in and faciliates the slaughter or "Purge" of Dharma initiative personnel from the island. 3x20 - The Man Behind the Curtain
3x11 - Cabin Fever
11 Years BPC 1991 Mikhail claims to have arrived at The Flame. 3x11 - Enter 77
6-11 years BPC 1993-1998 Eko tries to smuggle Heroin out of Nigeria by posing as priests. His brother Yemi is killed and Eko is left behind. 2x10 - The 23rd Psalm
6-11 years BPC 1993-1998 Eko assumes Yemi's position as a priest and soon leaves for a new assingment in London. 3x05 - The Cost of Living
10 years BPC 1994 Locke lives on a commune in California. 3x03 - Further Instructions
10 Years BPC 8/24/1994 Walt Lloyd is born 1x14 - Special
5-10 years BPC 1994-1999 The plane carrying Eko's brother's body and his fellow heroin smugglers crashes on the island. 1x19 - Deus Ex Machina
2x10 - The 23rd Psalm

1 to 10 years before the crash (1994–2004)

Crash-Centric Date Real Date Event Source
9 Years BPC 5/12/1995 Emily Annabeth Locke is admitted to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institution. 1x19 - Deus Ex Machina
9 Years BPC 1995 Desmond enters a monastary days before his scheduled wedding. He passes the vow of silence test and gets accepted as a novice. He drinks an entire bottle of the monastery's wine and gets thrown out of the monastery. Just as he is leaving he meets Penny Whidmore and the two start dating. 3x17 - Catch-22
9 Years BPC 1995 Susan Lloyd takes Walt to Amsterdam, leaving Michael. 1x14 - Special
8 Years, 3 Months BPC 1996 Michael is hit by a car. 1x14 - Special
8 Years BPC 1996 Penny moves in with Desmond. Desmond was going to ask Penny to marry him but instead broke up with her and joined the Royal Marines. Desmond relived these events eight years later (sometime in December or 2004) after he set-off the failsafe device in the Swan bunker. 3x08 - Flashes Before Your Eyes
8 Years BPC 1996 Penny moves out of Desmond's place and changes her phone number. While Desmond is in boot camp his consciousness travels to 2004. He talks to Daniel Faraday in 1996 for help stopping the time travel. Charles Widmore buys the Black Rock log. 4x05 - The Constant
7 Years BPC 1997 Michael initiates legal action to try and get custody of Walt, but relents after Susan talks to him. 2x02 - Adrift
6-9 Years BPC 1995-2000 Locke is reunited with his parents. 1x19 - Deus Ex Machina
6-9 Years BPC 1995-2000 Locke's father swindles a kidney out of Locke and cuts off his relationship with him. 1x19 - Deus Ex Machina
7 Years BPC 1997 Sayid falls in love with Nadia, a prisoner he's supposed to be interrogating, and helps her escape. 1x09 - Solitary
7 Years BPC 1997 Sayid leaves Iraq. 1x21 - The Greater Good
5-7 Years BPC 1997-1999 Locke begins attending anger management meetings 2x03 - Orientation
5-7 Years BPC 1997-1999 Locke begins seeing a woman named Helen. 2x03 - Orientation
4-6 Years BPC 1998-2000 Locke and Helen break up over Locke's obsession with his father. Locke inspects Nadia, Sayid's love's house. 2x17 - Lockdown
5 Years BPC 1999 Hurley's Grandpa Tito receives a pacemaker. 1x18 - Numbers
5 Years BPC 4/4/1999 Desmond completes his prison sentence and is dishonorably discharged from the Marines 2x23 - Live Together, Die Alone
4 Years BPC 2000 Locke suffering from depression starts working at a box company while recieving government disability payments and then is confined to a wheelchair after his father throws him out a window. 1x04 - Walkabout
3x13 - The Man from Tallahassee
4 Years BPC 2000 Sawyer makes a wish. 1x05 - White Rabbit
4 Years BPC 2000 Sam Toomey kills himself. 1x18 - Numbers
4 Years BPC 2000 Sun and Jin marry. 2x11 - The Hunting Party
4 Years BPC 2000 Two months after Sun and Jin marry Jin buys a birth gift for the Chinese Ambassador to South Korea's son. 4x07 - Ji Yeon
3 Years, 9 Months BPC 2000-2001 Libby's husband Dave dies. 2x23 - Live Together, Die Alone
3 Years, 8 Months BPC 2000-2001 Libby meets Desmond and gives him her late husband's boat. 2x23 - Live Together, Die Alone
3 Years BPC 2001 Sarah blows out a tire and flips into oncoming traffic, hitting and killing Adam Rutherford. 2x01 - Man of Science, Man of Faith
3 Years BPC 2001 Kate blows up her father Wayne. Her mom turns her in and Marshal Mars starts pursuing her. 2x09 - What Kate Did
3 Years BPC 2001 Edmund Burke (Juliet's ex-husband) gets run over by a bus after Juliet tells the recruiter that is what it would take for her to accept the job. 3x07 - Not in Portland
3 Years BPC 2001 Martin Keamy leaves the Marine Corps and joins a mercenary company. 4x09 - The Shape of Things to Come
3 Years BPC 9/21/2001 Juliet agrees to 6 months work and arrives on the island by submarine. 3x07 - Not in Portland
3x16 - One of Us
3 Years BPC 9/28/2001 Juliet meets Harper for their first therapy session. 4x06 - The Other Woman
3 Years BPC 2001 Desmond wrecks on the island during a solo sailing race around the world and is taken to the "Swan" Bunker by Kelvin. 2x03 - Orientation
3 years BPC 2001 Sawyer cons a woman named Cassidy. 2x13 - The Long Con
3 years BPC 2001 Kate meets Cassidy who helps her talk to her mother. Kate then convinces her to press charges on Sawyer. Must be less than 3 months after Sawyer and Cassidy split up as Cassidy is not visibly pregnant and not that long after Kate first went on the run. 3x16 - Left Behind
3x04 - Every Man for Himself
2 Years, 11 months BPC 2001 Shannon turns 18. 2x06 - Abandoned
2-3 years BPC 2001-2002 Driveshaft breaks up. Liam moves to Australia to go into rehab. 1x15 - Homecoming
2x12 - Fire + Water
2 years, 6 months BPC 2001 Juliet learns her sister's cancer has returned and agrees to stay on the island if Ben saves her life. 3x16 - One of Us
2 years BPC 2001 Sawyer discovers that he has a daughter. He makes a deal to get out of prison. 3x04 - Every Man for Himself
2 years BPC 2001 Kate visits her dying mother in an Iowa hospital. 1x22 - Born to Run
2 Years BPC 2002 Kate and Tom dig up their time capsule. 1x22 - Born to Run
2 Years BPC 2002 Tom is killed when police shoot at the car when Kate tries to make her escape. 1x22 - Born to Run
2 Years BPC 2002 Walt and his family move to Australia. 1x04 - Walkabout
1-2 years BPC 2002-2003 Liam Pace's daughter is born. Charlie tries to become respectable and takes a job selling copiers, but his addiction gets the best of him and he steals from his girlfriend Lucy. 1x15 - Homecoming
1 Year+ BPC 2003 Kate robs a New Mexico bank to get Tom's plane back. 1x12 - Whatever the Case May Be
1 Year+ BPC 2003 Jack marries Sarah. 1x20 - Do No Harm
2x03 - Orientation
1 Year, 2 Months+ BPC 2003 Hurley is released from SRMHI. 2x01 - Man of Science, Man of Faith

*Sayid calculates that Danielle's radio message has been playing for 16 years, 5 months the day after the plane crash (1x02) and Danielle said that she left it 3 days before Alex was born (3x22) but Danielle didn't crash on the island until a few days after November 15, 1988 (5x05) which is 15 years, 10 months before the crash and was seven months pregnant at the time. The likely cause is that Sayid miscalculated which is reasonable since he did the calculations in his head.

1 year or less before the crash

Crash-centric date Real Date Event Source
1 Year BPC 2003 Hurley wins the lottery using the numbers given to him by Leonard Simms. 1x18 - Numbers
1 Year BPC 2003 Jin visits the Korean Secretary of Environmental protection to deliver a message. 1x17 - ... In Translation
1 Year BPC 2003 Jin gives Sun a Shar-pei puppy from the environmental secretary. 1x17 - ... In Translation
11 Months BPC 2003 Ray Mullen's wife dies. 1x03 - Tabula Rasa
8 Months BPC 2004 Locke begins talking with Helen. 1x04 - Walkabout
8 Months BPC 2004 Claire becomes pregnant. 1x01 - Pilot (1)
8 Months BPC 2004 Claire visits a psychic who becomes frightened and refuses to give her a reading. 1x10 - Raised by Another
5 Months BPC 2004 Thomas leaves Claire 1x10 - Raised by Another
3 Months BPC 2004 Kate hides out at Ray Mullen's farm in Australia. 1x03 - Tabula Rasa
2 Months BPC 2004 Christian Shephard stops talking to his son Jack. 1x05 - White Rabbit
1 Month BPC 2004 Locke books his "Walkabout" tour. 1x04 - Walkabout
2 Weeks BPC 2004 Walt's mother, Susan Lloyd dies. 1x01 - Pilot
1 Week BPC 2004 Michael flies to Australia to take custody of Walt. 1x04 - Walkabout
1 Week BPC 2004 Sawyer buys Jack's father a drink in a Sydney bar. 1x16 - Outlaws
1 Week BPC 2004 Sawyer shoots Frank Duckett, believing him to be the con man who stole his parents' money. 1x16 - Outlaws
4 Days BPC 9/18/2004 Nikki and Paulo poison Mr. Zuckerman and steal his diamonds. 3x14 - Exposé
3 Days BPC 9/19/2004 Sawyer is arrested after a bar fight. 1x 23 - Exodus
3 Days BPC 9/19/2004 Boone is in the police station reporting on Shannon's abusive boyfriend. 1x13 - Hearts and Minds
2 Days BPC 9/20/2004 Ben discovers that he has a manignant tumor on his spine. 3x05 - The Cost of Living
1 Day BPC 9/21/2004 Charlie goes to see his brother Liam in Sydney. 1x07 - The Moth
1 Day BPC 9/21/2004 Sayid's friend Essam kills himself after Sayid reveals that he's working with the CIA to stop the terror cell Essam joined. 1x21 - The Greater Good
1 Day BPC 9/21/2004 Sayid is given a ticket to Los Angeles by the CIA, but he requests a later flight so he could bury Essam properly. 1x21 - The Greater Good
15 hours BPC 9/22/2004, 5:23 A.M. Michael and Walt have an argument in their hotel. 1x23 - Exodus (1)
9 hours BPC 9/22/2004, 11:50 A.M. Jack meets Ana-Lucia Cortez in an airport bar. 1x23 - Exodus (1)
6 Hours BPC 9/22/2004, 2:55 P.M. Oceanic Airlines flight 815 takes off from gate 23 of Sydney International Airport. 1x01 - Pilot (1)

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  • Sledgeweb.net and its Lost timeline is the source for the initial season one information included on this page, although this timeline has since formed its own identity. This information comes courtesy of Ben Sledge's approval.