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School Reunion
The Doctor has K9 examine the oil while Rose, Mickey and Sarah Jane look on.
Season 28, Episode 3
Airdate April 29, 2006
Writer(s) Toby Whithouse
Director(s) James Hawes
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Tooth and Claw
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The Girl in the Fireplace
Doctor WhoSeason Twenty-Eight

School Reunion is the third episode of the twenty-eighth season of Doctor Who, and the seven hundred thirty-fifth episode overall.

The Tenth Doctor and Rose head back to the twenty-first century after Mickey calls them to investigate strange goings on at a school. Once there the Doctor meets a few old friends.

Cast: David Tennant (The Doctor), Billie Piper (Rose), Noel Clarke (Mickey), Anthony Stewart Head (Mr Finch), Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane), Rod Arthur (Mr Parsons), Eugene Washington (Mr Wagner), Heather Cameron (Nina), Joe Pickley (Kenny), Benjamin Smith (Luke), Clem Tibber (Milo), Lucinda Dryzek (Melissa), Caroline Berry (Dinner Lady), John Leeson (Voice of K9)


Plot Overview

The Doctor is the new physics teacher at Deffry Vale high school. Rose has a job at the school as well, she's a dinner lady. Mickey has summoned the Doctor and Rose there to investigate several UFO sightings, as well as the school's recent meteoric increase in test scores. Sarah Jane is there to investigate the same sightings. Funny things are going on in the kitchen as Rose witnesses the other dinner ladies bringing in some toxic oil, when one dinner lady is splattered she explodes! After school Rose, the Doctor, Mickey and Sarah Jane investigate. Rose gets a sample of the oil. Sarah Jane finds the TARDIS and realizes who the Doctor is. The Doctor fixes K9 who examines the oil, it is Krillitane oil, used by the Krillitanes to make the school children smarter. The Krillitanes wish to unlock the code of the universe in order to remake it to their liking. K9 sacrifices himself to save the Doctor. The Doctor invites Sarah Jane to join them for more adventures, she refuses but Mickey takes him up on the offer. After the TARDIS dematerilizes Sarah Jane sees that the Doctor has left her a new present, K9 Mark IV upgraded and everything. Sarah Jane and K9 walk off into the sunset to have their own adventures.


  • Time and Space: 2006, England, Earth.

Arc Advancement



  • Mickey: Mickey decides to join Rose and the Doctor in their travels.


  • Sarah Jane Smith: The Doctor meets a former companion. Sarah Jane spent time with the Doctor in his third and fourth incarnations.
  • K9: K9 traveled with the Doctor during his fourth incarnation. The original K9 was given to Leela. This is K9 Mark III, who was a gift from the Doctor to Sarah Jane. Sarah Jane and K9 starred in a pilot called K-9 and Company.
  • Spearhead from Space: The Doctor introduces himself to Sarah Jane as John Smith. An alias not unfamiliar to Sarah Jane as the Doctor used it frequently. It was originally used by the Third Doctor in his first appearance.
  • Sarah Jane and Rose spend time describing past adventures while arguing over the Doctor:
  • The Hand of Fear: Sarah Jane tells the Doctor he let her out in Aberdeen instead of Croyden as she had wanted. The Hand of Fear was Sarah Jane's last regular appearance as a companion of the Doctor.


The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments

  • When the Doctor begins to admit he has feelings for Rose.
  • The Doctor's reaction to K9.


  • The Doctor: It's very well behaved this place. I thought it would be happy-slapping hoodies. Happy-slapping hoodies with ASBOs. Happy-slapping hoodies with ASBOs and ringtones.