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Aliens of London (1)
A spaceship crashlands in the Thames River after running into Big Ben.
Season 27, Episode 4
Airdate April 16, 2005
Production Number NCFR031L
Writer(s) Russel T Davies
Director(s) Keith Boak
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World War Three (2)
Doctor WhoSeason Twenty-Seven

Aliens of London (1) is the fourth episode of the twenty-seventh season of Doctor Who, and the seven hundred twenty-third episode overall.

Guest Stars: Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), Corey Doabe (Spray Painter), Ceris Jones (Policeman), Jack Tarlton (Reporter), Lachele Carl (Reporter), Fiesta Mei Ling (Ru), Basil Chung (Bau), Matt Baker (Himself), Andrew Marr (Himself), Rupert Vansittart (General Asquith), David Verrey (Joseph Green), Navin Chowdhry (Indra Ganesh), Penelope Wilton (Harriet Jones), Annette Badland (Margaret Blaine), Naoko Mori (Doctor Sato), Eric Potts (Oliver Charles), Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith), Jimmy Vee (Alien Voices), Steve Speirs (Strickland), Elizabeth Fost (Slitheen), Paul Kasey (Slitheen), Alan Ruscoe (Slitheen)


Plot Overview

The Doctor brings Rose back to London to visit her mom, but when they arrive, they discover the TARDIS brought them back to the wrong time. Instead of being gone for 12 hours, Rose has been missing for a year. While she reunites with her mother and Mickey and tries to find an explanation for her absence, an alien spaceship has a crash landing in the middle of London, destroying Big Ben. The Doctor investigates the occurrence, suspecting that there's more going on than it seems.


"Bad Wolf"

  • A young boy spray paints the words "Bad Wolf" on the side of the TARDIS.

Arc Advancement



  • First Appearance: Harriet Jones makes her first appearance in this episode.
  • Jackie discovers that the Doctor is an alien.
  • The Doctor gives Rose a key to the TARDIS.
  • Mickey begins to display jealousy of the Doctor's relationship with Rose.



The Show

  • The Doctor constantly refers to Mickey as Rickey. In an episode in Season 2, Rose, Mickey, and the Doctor travel to an alternate universe where Mickey's name is Rickey.

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • Patrick Moore is a British amateur astronomer, who has become famous for his work on the subject. He has authored over 70 books and been a presenter on a long-running television show about astronomy.

Memorable Moments

  • An alien spaceship crashes through Big Ben on its way to Earth.


  • The Doctor: It's not twelve hours; it's twelve months. You've been gone a whole year. Sorry.
  • Jackie Tyler: You waltz in here, all charm and smiles, and the next thing I know, she vanishes off the face of the Earth! How old are you? 40? 45? What, did you find her on the Internet? Did you go online and pretend you're a doctor?
    The Doctor: I am a doctor!
    Jackie Tyler: Prove it! Stitch this, mate! (slaps him)
  • The Doctor: 900 years of time and space, and I've never been slapped by someone's mother.
  • Rose Tyler: When you say 900 years?
    The Doctor: That's my age.
    Rose Tyler: You're 900 years old?
    The Doctor: Yeah.
    Rose Tyler: My mum was right. That is one hell of an age gap.
  • Rose Tyler: Every conversation with you just goes mental.
  • Rose Tyler: Did you know this was going to happen?
    The Doctor: Nope.
    Rose Tyler: Do you recognize the ship?
    The Doctor: Nope.
    Rose Tyler: Do you know why it crashed?
    The Doctor: Nope.
    Rose Tyler: Oh, I'm so glad I've got you!
  • Rose Tyler: So history's happening and we're stuck here?
    The Doctor: Yes, we are.
    Rose Tyler: We could always do what everyone else does. We could watch it on TV.
  • The Doctor: Just this morning, you were all tiny and small and made of clay. Now you can expand!
  • The Doctor: Don't you dare make this place domestic.
    Mickey Smith: You ruined my life, Doctor. I was a murder suspect because of you.
    The Doctor: See what I mean? Domestic.
    Mickey Smith: I bet you don't even remember my name!
    The Doctor: Rickey.
    Mickey Smith: It's Mickey.
    The Doctor: No, it's Rickey.
    Mickey Smith: I think I know my own name!
    The Doctor: You think you know your own name? How stupid are you?
  • Mickey Smith: If you look deep enough on the Internet, or in the history books, and there's his name. Followed by a list of the dead.
    The Doctor: That's nice! Good boy, Rickey!
  • 'The Doctor: Take me to your leader!
  • Rose Tyler: If I'd known it was gonna be like this, being arrested, I'd have done it years ago.
  • The Doctor: Like it said on the news, they're gathering experts in alien knowledge. And who's the biggest expert of the lot?
    Rose Tyler: Patrick Moore?
    The Doctor: Apart from him!
  • The Doctor: Excuse me, would you mind not farting while I'm saving the world?
    Joseph Green: Would you rather silent but deadly?