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Candidates to be considered the Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for work in a series which first aired one or more episodes in the United States between June 1, 2005 and May 31, 2006. Please read carefully the Definitions and Guidelines before putting a candidate up for nomination.


Any live-action (non-animated), scripted (non-documentary, talk or news) episodic (airing on a recurring basis), non-limited series categorized as a Comedy on the TV IV. In the case of shows which are categorized as both Comedy and Drama (and only in those cases), the show will be categorized on the basis of runtime: Less than 40 minutes should be considered a Comedy, 40 minutes or more should be considered a Drama.
A human male performer in a scripted series, including voice actors and male actors portraying female characters.
lead actor
An actor who is First Billed in an episodic series at any point during the eligibility year.


Please feel free to propose as many or as few candidates as you like in each category. If you change your mind or wish to retract a candidate, don't worry about editing the page, as it could cause some confusion down the road. (If you propose one unworthy enough, it will most likely not make it past the nominating process, anyway.) Feel free to discuss yours or others' proposals as much or as little as you choose. Tell us why you feel a candidate should be considered, or why someone else's candidate is a horrible choice and should not be considered. (Just remember to follow standard TV IV discussion rules regarding civility.)

Please mark all proposed candidates in bold, and link the show titles, even if the linked articles are empty or stubs. Try to avoid using bold elsewhere in the discussion. (To mark a candidate in bold, surround the name with two sets of three apostrophes, and use double brackets for linking, '''[[like this]]'''.) We must have a series for which each actor is being nominated, so be sure to include one. (For instance, to propose Jerry Seinfeld for Seinfeld, write: "Jerry Seinfeld, Seinfeld".)

Candidates Discussion

  • Jason Bateman, Arrested Development: In a series which was often so cruel to his character, few season endings were as satisfying, in an odd sort of way, as seeing Michael sail off into the sunset, and it was all because of the stunning performance Bateman gave throughout the series, including this season, when his family tried to sabotage then tried to force his marriage and nearly got him arrested.
  • Steve Carell, The Office: The first comedy "it" guy in a long time to really deserve the praise and awards, Carell is one of the finest comic performers in America, and this series is proof.
  • Larry David, Curb Your Enthusiasm: Whether or not the character Larry David is truly a character, David was at his comedic best this season, as he fought with Richard Lewis over a kidney, found his "real" parents, and even died and went to Heaven.
  • Ricky Gervais, Extras: Gervais is sure to be a comedy legend one day, and just as John Cleese had his Fawlty Towers, Gervais now has his Extras, the series which conclusively proves he is far from a one-trick pony.
  • Jason Lee, My Name Is Earl: Lee's Earl is the most lovable and charming "happy fools" in American pop culture since Kevin Kline's Dave. As a former thug turned do-gooder, Earl is the emotional core of his unique, inventive series, and Lee pulls off the balancing act better than any other actor could be asked to do.

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