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Pam Beesly
The Office (USA)
The Office (USA)-Pam Beesly.jpg
Actor Jenna Fischer
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot
Series Billing Main cast (seasons 1-9)
Episode Count 23 through 2x17
Notable Episodes Booze Cruise
The Secret


Basic Information

Pam Beesly is the receptionist the Dunder-Mifflin paper company's Scranton, PA branch. She is close friends with Jim Halpert, and she is the object of his desire. Even though Jim adores her she is engaged to a worker from the warehouse, Roy. Pam has no desire to be a receptionist, and like Jim, she is too comfortable with her job to change. She is good at art, and Jan Levinson even suggested she look into a corporate sponsored internship in graphic design during a women in the workplace seminar.

At the Dundies, Michael Scott awarded Pam with the award for "Longest Engagement," a running joke in the office that she has no wedding date. During the Booze Cruise, her fiancé Roy asked Pam if June 10th was ok for the date of their wedding, and Pam gleefully accepted the date.

Friendship with Jim Halpert

In the beginning of the series, Pam thinks of Jim only as a good friend. When she sees him driving Katy home, she appears to harbor secret feelings that she hadn't shown before. During Jim's Party, Pam hangs out with Jim in his room, and looks through his high school yearbook. During this time, Jim hides his crush from Pam, and keeps it to himself. During the Booze Cruise, Jim's date Katy connects easier with Roy, so Jim and Pam decide to get some fresh air. After Pam mentions how she doesn't understand Roy sometimes, Jim and Pam share an awkward silence where Jim is unable to tell Pam how he feels. After Jim fails to say anything, Pam mentions she is cold and goes back inside the boat.

After she learns from Jim the secret that he had a crush on her, Pam seems somewhat disappointed that it was "a long time ago." Although Pam learned about the crush, they remained close friends, even with a few awkward conversations since. When Pam hears from Jim that he is planning a vacation she is happy for him, until she learns that he will be leaving for Australia two days before her wedding.

Character History

Memorable Moments

  • 2x01 - The Dundies - Pam kisses Jim in the parking lot of Chili's.
  • 2x11 - Booze Cruise - Pam and Jim share 30 seconds of the most awkward silence on American TV, and Roy proposes a wedding date.


  • Pam: It’s performance review day, company-wide. Last year my performance review began with Michael asking me what my hopes and dreams were and it ended with him telling me he could bench press 190 pounds. So I really don’t know what to expect. (2x08 - Performance Review)
  • Pam: You know what they say about a car-wreck where it’s so awful you can’t look away? The Dundies are like a car wreck that you have to stare at because your boss is making you. (2x01 - The Dundies)