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Michael Gary Scott
The Office (USA)
Actor Steve Carell
First Appearance 1x01 - Pilot
Last Appearance 9x24/25 - Finale
Series Billing Main cast (seasons 1-7)
Uncredited season 9)
Episode Count 45 through 3x17
Notable Episodes Basketball
The Client
Valentine's Day


Basic Information

Michael Scott is the regional manager of the Scranton, PA branch of the Dunder-Mifflin paper company. Michael was previously a salesman for the Scraton branch, and won awards as the North East Sales Association top salesman for the years 1996 and 1997. He seems himself as a friend and entertainer first, and a boss second. Michael often uses dated pop-culture references in his humor, much to the dismay of his employees. He has also used racial and sexual jokes in his attempt to be funny, most notably in the Diversity Day and Sexual Harrassment episodes. He often attends an improv comedy workshop in his spare time.

Although Michael is an inept manager at times, and his methods seem somewhat awkward, he can still show signs of why he was a good salesman as was seen in the episode The Client, where he lands Lackawanna County as a client. Michael never graduated from college, and rose to his managerial position by being an excellent salesman. He drives a Chrysler Sebring, which he believes shows his success.

When Michael found out that his boss from corporate, Jan Levinson (formerly Levinson-Gould), has divorced her husband he shows great concern for her. After a night of drinking and business, Jan kisses Michael, and he accompanies her to her hotel, where they talk and then fall asleep. This incident led Michael to believe that he and Jan were a couple, and often during Season 2 he acts inappropriately around her. After a meeting with the new CFO of Dunder-Mifflin in New York, a fellow regional manager let slip that Michael and Jan may gotten personal. After explaining that it was a joke, Michael appears to let go of any feelings for Jan, but on his way out, she kisses him on the elevator, and the kiss is captured by the documentary cameras.

In the office, Michael shows a great deal of attention to Ryan, the office temp. He bought Ryan a video iPod for his Secret Santa gift. Michael can tolerate Dwight, and often will delegate duties to him. The only office member that Michael truly despises is Toby from HR.

Character History

  • 1x02 - Diversity Day - The office undergoes diversity training due to a Chris Rock joke Michael used during work.
  • 2x02 - Sexual Harassment - Michael is talked to from HR and Corporate about sexual harassment in the office.
  • 2x03 - Office Olympics - Michael buys a town home.
  • 2x07 - The Client - Michael seals the business deal with Lackawanna County, and hooks up with Jan Levinson for the first time.
  • 2x10 - Christmas Party - After buying a $400 gift for the temp Ryan, Michael makes a trip to the liquor store to give his employees a Christmas party with Alcohol to raise their morale.
  • 2x16 - Valentine's Day - After giving a presentation to the new CFO of Dunder-Mifflin, another manager mentions Michael and Jan's fling, Michael explains to the CFO that it was a joke, and he appears to let go of any relationship desire with Jan. As he is leaving, Jan kisses him on the elevator.

Memorable Moments


  • Michael Scott: I guess the atmosphere that I've tried to create here is that I'm a friend first and a boss second, and probably an entertainer third.
  • Michael Scott: Abraham Lincoln once said that 'If you're a racist, I will attack you with the North' and these are the principles I carry with me in the workplace.
  • Michael Scott: Yeah I went hunting once. Shot a deer in the leg. Had to kill it with a shovel. Took about an hour. Why do you ask?