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Stargate: Continuum
Release Date July 29, 2008
Written by Brad Wright
Directed by Matin Wood
Produced by John G. Lenic
produced by
Robert C. Cooper &
Brad Wright
executive producer
N. John Smith
Distributor(s) MGM
Running Time 94 minutes
Origin USA

Stargate: The Ark of Truth

Stargate SG-1
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Stargate: Continuum is the second direct-to-DVD movie based on the series Stargate: SG-1 and was written and directed by the series showrunner, Robert C. Cooper. It is a time travel based story that has many call backs to the entire run of the series. The DVD was released in the USA and Canada on July 29, 2008.

Ben Browder (Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell/Captain of the Achilles), Amanda Tapping (Lt. Col. Samantha Carter), Christopher Judge (Teal'c), Claudia Black (Vala Mal Doran/Quetesh), Cliff Simon (Ba'al), Don S. Davis (Major General George Hammond), Steve Bacic (Camulus), Gary Jones (Chief Master Sgt. Walter Harriman), Peter Williams (Apophis), Jaqueline Samuda (Nirrti)

Special Appearance by Richard Dean Anderson (General Jonathan "Jack" O'Neill)

and William Devane (President Hayes)

with Beau Bridges (Mjr. Gen. Henry (Hank) Landry)

and Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson)

Cast: Darcy Cadman (Russian Officer), Peter John Prinsloo (Alex), Jean Daigle (Bosun), Corey Turner (Helmsman), David Ingram (Air Force Major), Dan Shea (Siler), Martin Wood (Wood), Derek Peakman (Tokra Elder), Juan Llorens (Cab Driver), Ron Halder (Cronus), Alison Matthews (Interviewer), David Kaye (Interviewer), O.L. Bramble (Jaffa Leader), Reese Alexander (Jaffa Pilot), Mark Pawson (Jaffa Pilot), Tracy Trueman (Neighbor), Jason Benson (Officer), Kirsten Williamson (Officer), Campbell Lane (Older Man), Vince Crestejo (Yu), Jay Williams (Ra), Lebrone Flippin (Ba'al's Jaffa), Duke Shoebotham (Ba'al's Jaffa), Mike Roselli (Quetesh's Jaffa), Rob Boyce (Quetash's Jaffa), Colin Cunningham (Major Davis), Adrian Hughes (Peltac Jaffa), Jacqueline Becher (Lady Shopper), CDR Michael Bernacchi USN (Commanding Officer), CMDCM (SS) Wesley K. Koshoffer USN (COB), LCDR Jason M. Geddes USN (Officer of the Deck), LTjg. Alan M. Roche USN (Officer on Guard), Barry Campbell (Crewman on Sail)


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