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Season 4, Episode 1
Airdate September 19, 2006
Writer(s) John C. Kelley
Director(s) William Webb
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Hiatus (2)
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NCISSeason Four
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Shalom is the first episode of the fourth season of NCIS, and the seventy-first episode overall.

Guest Stars: Eli Danker (Mossad Officer Michael Bashan), Liza Lapira (NCIS Special Agent Michelle Lee), Saba Homayoon (Faatin Amal), Paul Lacovara (Mossad Security Officer), Eyal Podell (Namir Eschel), Susan Santiago (Camila Charo), Muse Watson (Mike Franks), Don Franklin (FBI Agent Ron Sacks)


Plot Overview

Ziva David witnesses an assassination and attempts to stop the assasin, but is shocked to find that she knows the assassin, a fellow Mossad agent. Ziva heads to the Israeli embassy and demands that the agent be turned over to her. They reply both that they don't know what she is talking about, that the agent she thinks she saw is dead, and while they might be inclined to take out the victim, the attack was not a sanctioned, official or unofficial Mossad action.

FBI arrive at NCIS headquarters with questions for Ziva, and about Ziva. Ziva, it turns out, is the FBI's prime suspect in the attack.

Ziva calls Abby, gets a phone number from her, calls it, and ends up talking with Gibbs. Meanwhile Tony is in charge, and has been told by his boss to immediately turn over any information to the FBI.

He later asks for volunteers to help him help Ziva. Meanwhile Gibbs has returned to the US of A to help Ziva. The apparently not-dead Mossad agent had set Ziva up, Gibbs informs Ziva. Now they must track down Bashan before he escapes the country.


  • FBI Agent Ron Sacks is the FBI agent who earlier had his sights set on Tony as his number one suspect in a murder investigation (see the season three episode: Frame=Up).

Arc Advancement

  • Although Gibbs has returned from Mexico, his future with NCIS still remains uncertain as his intention is to return to Mexico.





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