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NCIS/Abby Sciuto

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Abby Sciuto
Abby Sciuto.jpg
Actor Pauley Perrette
First Appearance Yankee White

JAG Ice Queen (1),NCIS spinoff JAG Meltdown (2) ,NCIS spinoff

Last Appearance N/A
Series Billing Main Cast

Abigail Sciuto is a forensic technician at NCIS headquarters in Washington, DC. A true jack-of-all-trades, Abby does anything that needs doing from chemical processing to document analysis. She is quite possibly the most generally cheerful goth in the history of goths.

Abby's skills include material analysis, ballistics, a thorough familiarity with American Sign Language (with which she occasionally converses with Gibbs), and computer hacking. She developed an interest in forensic science because she used to live near a car lot where an undisclosed "they" (presumably a local police force) would bring burned-out car wrecks, and she would go out and take pictures because she enjoyed figuring out exactly how things had happened: 'the science of the whole thing'.

She has been with NCIS longer than any the rest of Gibbs' crew (except, of course, for Ducky).


  • Invented a new technique to clean up surveillance video in the episode Terminal Leave. She considers submitting a paper entitled "Digital Optical Enhancement of Reflective Surfaces with Scattered Refractive Properties" to a forensics journal.
  • Is fluent in sign language because her parents were deaf.
  • Speaks Spanish (3x19)
  • Was in the science club in high school.
  • Has an impressive list of ex-boyfriends, including a gemologist and a NASA satellite technician.
  • Hates being called Abigail.
  • During the time that Gibbs' NCIS team was having trauma-induced hallucinations of deceased agent Caitlin Todd, Abby's imaginary Caitlin appeared as a goth figure with long, pure white hair.
  • she drives a hearse (3x23)
  • sleeps in a coffin 1870 (7x03)
  • has a younger brother (1x17)
  • as of NCIS/Broken Arrow Abby's father is dead.

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