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Gregory Gaye

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Gregory Gaye
Birth name Gregory De Gay
Born October 10, 1900 in St. Petersburg, Russia
Died August 23, 1993 in Studio City, California, USA
Sometimes credited as Gregory Gay
Notable Roles
Notable Episodes



Guest Starring Roles

Series Role Episode Airdate
Captain Midnight 1x19 - Top Secret Weapon January 8, 1955
Richard Diamond, Private Detective 3x06 - Matador Murder March 22, 1959
77 Sunset Strip Kairos 1x27 - Honey from the Bee April 10, 1959
Hawaiian Eye Jacob von Ott 1x30 - Shadow of the Blade May 4, 1960
The Roaring 20's Maitre’d 1x14 - Coney Red Hots January 28, 1961
The Roaring 20's Maitre’d 1x16 - Black Saturday February 11, 1961
The Roaring 20's Andre 1x17 - Lucky Charm February 18, 1961
The Roaring 20's Maitre'd 1x19 - The Vamp March 4, 1961
The Roaring 20's Andre 2x01 - No Exit October 7, 1961
The Roaring 20's Andre 2x09 - So's Your Old Man December 2, 1961
Thriller (1960) The President 2x23 - Flowers of Evil March 5, 1962
77 Sunset Strip 4x39 - Upbeat June 15, 1962
77 Sunset Strip Minister 5x01 - The Reluctant Spy October 12, 1962
The F.B.I. Doriskin 1x18 - The Sacrifice January 16, 1966
The Time Tunnel Alexis 1x11 - Secret Weapon November 25, 1966
The F.B.I. Ferenc Matyin 2x13 - List for a Firing Squad December 18, 1966
Run for Your Life Straka 2x22 - The Calculus of Chaos February 19, 1967
Mission: Impossible Minister 2x25 - Recovery March 17, 1968
The F.B.I. Carl Schmidt 4x01 - Wind It Up and It Betrays You September 22, 1968
The F.B.I. Albert Moehns 4x11 - The Butcher December 8, 1968
The F.B.I. General 5x20 - Deadly Reunion January 25, 1970

Awards and Accolades