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You Are There

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You Are There
Premiere February 1, 1953
Finale September 2, 1972
Creator Goodman Ace
Host Walter Cronkite
Network CBS
Style 30-minute historical drama
Company CBS Television
Seasons 6
Episodes 165
Origin USA

You Are There is a historical drama that aired on CBS.

The series re-enacts (or rather, dramatizes) historical events. It ran five seasons on CBS then returned with all-new stories on CBS for Saturday mornings in 1971.



Season Premiere Finale #
Season One February 1, 1953 June 28, 1953 22
Season Two August 30, 1953 June 27, 1954 43
Season Three August 29, 1954 June 26, 1955 43
Season Four September 11, 1955 July 1, 1956 29
Season Five September 2, 1956 June 9, 1957 11
Season Six September 11, 1971 September 2, 1972 16


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