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Meet Killface
Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate October 15, 2006
Production Number 2601
Written by Adam Reed
Matt Thompson
Directed by Neal Holman

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Meet Awesome-X
Frisky DingoSeason One

Meet Killface is the first episode of the first season of Frisky Dingo, and the first episode overall.

Voiced By: Mike Bell (Phil), Christian Danley (Simon), Kelly Jenrette (Sinn), Mary Kraft (Valerie), Adam Reed (Killface)

Special Guested By: Brendon Small (Trent/Brent)


Plot Overview

Killface films a message to the people of the world in which he informs them about his Annihilatrix — a large rocket with enough thrust to propel the Earth into the Sun. Trent goes off on Killface when Killface expresses doubts about what was filmed, resulting in his death. After Killface tells the crew he wants his message delivered to every television in the world, Brent tells him it would cost $20 billion to accomplish. In response Killface brings Brent and Valerie to the Annihilatrix, the device which cost him $20 billion to build and demands to know where he's going to get that kind of money when he's spent it all on the Annihilatrix.

Killface's foreman, Phil, calls him up to a catwalk on the Annihilatrix to inform him of a problem with the couplings. He and Phil hash out the melting couplings while Killface dangles Brent off the edge of the Annihilatrix until he comes up with a DVD mailing campaign that would cost. Back at Killface's apartment, Killface discovers the unit price for the DVDs is incredibly high and, after being badmouthed once again, kills Brent.

Afterwards, Killface tasks Valerie with brainstorming up a way to get his message out with a budget of only $250,000. Valerie comes up with a direct mailing campaign using postcards. Killface eventually agrees to the idea and lets her set it up and, once she's finished, tells her to get with Sinn for her murder and dismemberment. He then finds his son, Simon, in the kitchen eating cereal and watching a rap music video. He chastises Simon for eating snacks, but Simon pushes the bowl off the counter and runs off.

Elsewhere, Killface's postcard is delivered to the estate of Xander Crews.


Arc Advancement


  • Annihilatrix: Killface unveils his doomsday weapon: The Annihilatrix. But, the money that it cost has left nearly no budget for the marketing campaign that he wants. He's forced to resort to a postcard mailing campaign. One of those postcards is inadvertently sent to Xander Crews.




The Show

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • Sealab 2021: This episode opens with a false start of the opening to Sealab 2021. Sealab 2021 was one of the founding Adult Swim series and was made by the same creative team as Frisky Dingo, 70-30 Productions.
  • Rooms-to-Go: During his address to the world, Killface references "Rooms-to-Go," a furniture outlet chain which specializes on renting cheap furniture and electronics with high interest. The stores are predominantly located in the southeastern United States.
Killface: I trust you're comfy on your tacky sofas from Rooms-to-Go?
  • Ozymandias: To close his address to the world, Killface quotes a line from "Ozymandias," a famous sonnet written by Percy Shelley in 1817. The poem is generally thought to be a reference to Ramesses the Great, an Egyptian pharaoh, particularly a massive statue of the ruler that the British Museum acquired in 1817.
Killface: So look upon my works, ye mighty, and despair.
Trent & Brent: USC Film School. Maybe you've heard of it?
  • Jay Leno: At one point, Killface voices concern that the background of the city that is shown during his speech is too "Leno-y." He refers to the skyline background of Los Angeles on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, hosted by stand-up comedian Jay Leno. After he mentions this, Trent loses it and starts shrieking about staples of Leno's show, including band leader Kevin Eubanks.
Killface: It's not too Leno-y?
  • Entertainment Tonight: When Killface realizes that he needs a theme song, he starts to sing a bit of the opening jingle to Entertainment Tonight. Entertainment Tonight is a syndicated entertainment news program that has been broadcast for over 20 years. It doesn't have lyrics, even though he sings "Entertainment Tonight" along to the tune.
  • Jason Alexander: While dangling over the Annihilatrix, Brent pitches Jason Alexander to Killface. Alexander is most well known for his role as George Costanza on the long-running sitcom Seinfeld. However, since the series ended, Alexander's career has become mostly dormant.
Brent: Wait, no! We can get Jason Alexander!
  • David Arquette: Brent nearly recommends David Arquette to Killface, but is shot down. Arquette is an actor most famous for starring in the Scream horror trilogy. Since then, Arquette has become more famous for marrying Courtney Cox than any of his film roles.
Killface: Don't say David Arquette to me.
  • Pickle Stork: When being proposed the DVD solution, Killface makes reference to a "pickle stork." The stork is the mascot of Vlasic, a pickle producing company. The mascot first appeared in television commercials on 1974. The stork is also a commonly used euphemism of child birth, where parents insist that babies are brought to new families by delivery from a stork.
Killface: You know who I like is that pickle stork.

Memorable Moments

  • After killing the first of the two directors, Killface brings the remaining marketing team members to the Annihilatrix and uses Trent's severed torso as a hand puppet.


  • Killface: [At the Annihilatrix] There's your twenty billion, Brent! Drink it in! The fusion chamber alone cost nine billion. The- The- The thrusters another four. You think there's just heaps of money left over for- What did you call it!?
    Brent: Uh- Uh- "Media buy".
    Killface: Media buy!
    Valerie: Please don't kill us!
    Killface: Please don't make it so appealing!