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Harmony Kendall
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Actor Mercedes McNab
First Appearance 1x02 - The Harvest
Last Appearance 5x14 - Crush
Series Billing 1x02 to 3x22: Co-Star
4x03 to 5x14: Guest Star
Episode Count 15
Notable Episodes 3x22 - Graduation Day (2)
4x03 - The Harsh Light of Day
5x02 - Real Me
5x14 - Crush
Also Appears On Angel

Harmony Kendall is a Sunnydale high school student portrayed by Mercedes McNab. Once a popular cheerleader and Cordelia's best friend, she was transformed into a vampire during graduation day. Harmony is the longest-running character in the Buffyverse, being the only character to appear in both the unaired pilot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the final episode of Angel.


Basic Information

Harmony Kendall is a cheerleader that is best friends with Cordelia and is likewise dubbed a "Cordette." Harmony later becomes leader of the cheerleader clique after Cordelia starts dating Xander, but her life is cut short when she is turned into a vampire on graduation day. She starts having a relationship with Spike basely mostly around sex. Although neither of them are satisfied with their relationship, Harmony seems to be willing to want more out of it, calling Spike her "blondie bear." Harmony briefly starts her own vampire gang, but fails in doing so and retreats back to Spike until she leaves Spike after she realizes how obsessed he is with Buffy.

Episode Appearances

Harmony has appeared in 15 aired episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Aside from that, she also appears in the unaired pilot, a deleted scene in "Surprise", and 18 further episodes of Angel.

  1. 1x02 - The Harvest
  2. 1x11 - Out of Mind, Out of Sight
  3. 2x16 - Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
  4. 3x09 - The Wish
  5. 3x21 - Graduation Day (1)
  6. 3x22 - Graduation Day (2)
  7. 4x03 - The Harsh Light of Day
  8. 4x07 - The Initiative
  9. 4x08 - Pangs
  10. 4x22 - Restless
  11. 5x02 - Real Me
  12. 5x04 - Out of My Mind
  13. 5x06 - Family
  14. 5x07 - Fool for Love
  15. 5x14 - Crush

Character History

  • 3x22 - Graduation Day (2): Harmony helps the rest of the Scooby Gang defeat the Mayor on graduation day, but gets turned into a vampire during the fight.
  • 5x02 - Real Me: Harmony tries to start up a vampire gang to prove her independence to Spike and the others.

Memorable Moments


  • After Life: Harmony appears on-screen more often as a vampire than she does a human, lending credit to the often humorous fact that characters in the Buffyverse often end up getting more screentime after they die than when they were still alive.