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Bob Stewart Productions

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Bob Stewart Productions
Founded 1966
President Sande Stewart (under current name Stewart TeleEnterprises)
Notable Works Eye Guess
The $10,000 Pyramid
Chain Reaction

Bob Stewart Productions was a television production company founded by former Goodson-Todman Productions staffer Bob Stewart.

Stewart was an independent creator/producer who in 1954 had a show on local New York TV called The Sky's The Limit. He saw an auction house vendor apply a contest to prospective customers who received items by predicting how much they cost. This led Stewart to develop a show using this concept. Goodson-Todman took him and his show in by 1956, making a pilot called Auction-Aire, then the show was renamed The Price Is Right. It took little time for Price to become a hit for NBC. Stewart created two other shows, both for CBS--To Tell the Truth and Password.

Seeking greener pastures in the game show field, Stewart struck out on his own in 1964, creating his own production company. His first show was Eye Guess, which had a three year run. He loved word games, and his most successful creation was the long-running series of Pyramid shows starting in 1973. It won numerous Emmys.

Stewart's son Sande would create his own show (Your Number's Up) while helming his dad's company. Bob Stewart passed away on May 4, 2012; his passing was noted following the closing credits of the May 7, 2012 telecast of The Price Is Right.

Bob Stewart TV Shows

Show Network, run Notes
The Sky's The Limit local N.Y. TV (WRCA), 1954-56
The Price Is Right NBC, 1956-63; ABC, 1963-65 under Goodson-Todman banner; Stewart leaves company 1964
To Tell the Truth CBS, 1956-68 under Goodson-Todman banner; Stewart leaves company 1964
Password CBS, 1961-67 under Goodson-Todman banner; Stewart leaves company 1964
Eye Guess NBC, 1966-69
The Face Is Familiar CBS, 1966
Personality NBC, 1967-69
You're Putting Me On NBC, 1969
Three on a Match NBC, 1971-74
The $10,000 Pyramid CBS, 1973-74; ABC, 1974-76
Jackpot! NBC, 1974-75; USA (cable), 1985-88; Syndicated, 1989-90
Winning Streak NBC, 1974-75
The $25,000 Pyramid Syndicated, 1974-79
Blankety Blanks ABC, 1975
The $20,000 Pyramid ABC, 1976-80
Shoot for the Stars NBC, 1977-78 Piloted as Shoot the Works
Pass the Buck CBS, 1978
The Love Experts Syndicated, 1978
Chain Reaction NBC, 1980; USA cable, 1986-90 2007 and 2015 versions on GSN unrelated production-wise
The $50,000 Pyramid Syndicated, 1981
The $25,000 Pyramid CBS, 1982-87, 1988 Different than 1974 show
Twisters Uncertain, 1982) Unsold pilot
Go! NBC, 1983-84 Expanded version of Chain Reaction bonus round
The $100,000 Pyramid Syndicated, 1985-88, 1991-92; ABC, 2016 2016 show under Sony Pictures Television
Your Number's Up NBC, 1985 Under Sande Stewart Productions
Double Talk ABC, 1986 Revival of Shoot for the Stars
Money in the Blank CBS, 1987 Unsold pilot
Remember This? MSNBC, 1996-97 Under Sande Stewart Productions