The Price Is Right (1972)

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The Price Is Right
Premiere September 4, 1972
Airs Weekdays at 11 a.m. EST/MST, 10 a.m. CST/PST
Creator Bob Stewart (original show)
Jay Wolpert (revival)
Host see below
Network CBS
Style 60-minute game show
Company Goodson-Todman Productions (1972–84), Mark Goodson Productions (1984–2007), FremantleMedia North America (2002– )
(Price Productions, The Price Is Right Company, The Price Is Right LLC)
Seasons 45
Episodes 8,000 (as of April 7, 2014)
Status Currently airing season 45
Origin USA

The Price Is Right is a game show on CBS hosted for 35 years by Bob Barker until he retired in 2007, when it was announced he was replaced by Drew Carey. The show revolves around contestants guessing the retail price of various products. Contestants are drawn from the studio audience, prompting the announcer to invite them to "come on down!" It is a revival of The Price Is Right which aired from 1956 to 1963 on NBC and 1963 to 1965 on ABC. It was first billed as The New Price Is Right to differentiate itself from the original show and dropped the "New" from the title in June of 1973. Bob Barker even explained on the debut show, "Let me assure you fans of the old Price Is Right this is your favorite game, still based on the pricing of merchandise with wonderful awards to smart shoppers."

In its history The Price Is Right has become a cultural phenomenon. Due to its daytime timeslot, its main viewers tend to be retirees, housewives, and college students. Many children too young for school also watch it, leading to a nostalgic attachment for the show that may last into adulthood. Large groups may make trips to join the audience, and it is not uncommon to see entire rows dressed similiarly; matching college sweatshirts, specially-printed t-shirts, and even military uniforms. The program's popularity has sometimes been attributed to the fact that "everyone knows what stuff costs."



All contestants begin in Contestants Row, at the front of the audience (not on stage). Four contestants will be present there at a time. Six times during the show a product will be brought out on stage and the contestants will be asked to guess the retail price of it. The contestant who guesses the closest without going higher than the price will be called on stage to play a pricing game. Those who guess the exact number win $500 in addition to the prize. (At the beginning of the next round a new contestant will be called from the audience.)

The pricing games are gimmicky, carnival-like games that involve the contestant trying to guess the price of one or several items, from household products to expensive luxury items. Each game has its own rules that Drew Carey will explain to the contestant before play; the rules are never overly complicated. The luxury items in these games often double as the prizes; the low-cost items win tokens that give the contestant a better chance of winning a big prize. Six pricing games are played per episode. On occasion in the event of a mistake made by the show's staff (such as when the winning price of a prize is accidentally revealed) during a game, it is considered an automatic win and the contestant is awarded the prize by default.

Regardless of whether they win or lose the pricing game, each of these contestants is allowed to participate in the Showcase Showdown. Two sessions of three contestants each are held. Each contestant spins a giant wheel printed with cent values; the contestant gets up to two spins to try and get as close to $1 as possible. The winners of each round move on to the Showcase at the end of the episode. A contestant hitting $1 in one or a combination of two spins wins a $1000 bonus and gets a bonus spin. Up until 2007, a player hitting the two green spots (05 or 15) in the bonus spin won a $5000 while stopping on $1.00 won $10,000. Those cash prizes have since been raised to $10,000 and $25,000 respectively.

The Showcases are two huge assortments of prizes. After presentation of the first Showcase, the contestant who scored highest during the Showdown is given a choice: take the first one, or pass it on to the other contestant. Each contestant must try to guess the value of their assigned Showcase, guessing closest without going over. The winner wins their respective Showcase; a winner within $250 of the total value of their Showcase wins both Showcases.

Back in its half-hour days (September 1972-October 1975), only three pricing games were employed with the day's top two winners progressing to the Showcase.

This edition of The Price Is Right was originally intended for just once-a-week telecast in syndication during the "Prime Time Access" period (7:30 p.m. Eastern/6:30 p.m. Central) back when it was pitched in 1972. Late that spring, CBS (which had just lifted its ban on giveaway shows) picked it up as a daytime offering for that fall.

In 1997, TV began issuing content ratings for its programs. Since then, The Price Is Right has been rated "TV-G," meaning suitable for all ages.

Rich Fields was dismissed as announcer at the end of season 38. J.D. Roberto, Brad Sherwood and Jeff Davis had been rotating duties until a permanent announcer is named. Fields is now the meteorologist for KCBS television in Los Angeles. On April 18, 2011, it was officially disclosed that George Gray (Extreme Gong, syndicated version of The Weakest Link) is now the new permanent announcer.

Logo upon the first week on CBS as The New Price Is Right. It was billed as such until June 1973.


Person Duration
Bob Barker 1972-2007
Dennis James 1974 (sub host)
Drew Carey 2007-
Craig Ferguson 2014 (guest host)
Johnny Olson 1972-1985
Rod Roddy 1986-2003
Rich Fields 2004-2010
George Gray 2011-
Anitra Ford 1972-1976
Janice Pennington 1972-2000
Dian Parkinson 1975-1993
Holly Hallstrom 1977-1995
Kathleen Bradley 1990-2000
Gena Lee Nolin 1994-1996
Chantel Dubay 1996-1999
Nikki Ziering 1999-2002
Heather Kozar 2001-2002
Claudia Jordan 2001-2003
Shane Stirling 2002-2008
Brandi Sherwood 2002-2009
Teri Hairston 2003-2005
Gabrielle Tuite 2003-2008
Lanisha Cole 2003-2010
Rachel Reynolds 2003-present
Starr Campbell 2004-2005
Phire Dawson 2005-2008
Gwendolyn Osborne 2005-present
Tamiko Nash 2007-2008
Manuela Arbeláez 2008-present
Amber Lancaster 2008-present
Rob Wilson 2012-2014
James O'Halloran 2014-present


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One: The New Price Is Right September 4, 1972 September 21, 1973
Season Two September 24, 1973 August 30, 1974
Season Three September 2, 1974 August 29, 1975
Season Four September 1, 1975 July 2, 1976
Season Five September 21, 1976 July 1, 1977
Season Six August 29, 1977 August 25, 1978
Season Seven August 28, 1978 June 29, 1979
Season Eight August 27, 1979 June 27, 1980
Season Nine August 25, 1980 September 4, 1981
Season Ten September 7, 1981 June 11, 1982
Season Eleven September 6, 1982 August 26, 1983
Season Twelve September 12, 1983 June 22, 1984
Season Thirteen September 10, 1984 July 5, 1985
Season Fourteen September 9, 1985 June 13, 1986
Season Fifteen September 8, 1986 June 26, 1987
Season Sixteen September 14, 1987 July 1, 1988
Season Seventeen September 12, 1988 June 16, 1989
Season Eighteen September 11, 1989 June 1, 1990
Season Nineteen September 10, 1990 June 14, 1991
Season Twenty September 9, 1991 June 26, 1992
Season Twenty-One September 14, 1992 June 18, 1993
Season Twenty-Two September 13, 1993 June 17, 1994
Season Twenty-Three September 12, 1994 June 16, 1995
Season Twenty-Four September 11, 1995 June 14, 1996
Season Twenty-Five September 9, 1996 June 13, 1997
Season Twenty-Six September 8, 1997 June 12, 1998
Season Twenty-Seven September 22, 1998 June 17, 1999
Season Twenty-Eight September 20, 1999 September 29, 2000
Season Twenty-Nine October 2, 2000 June 13, 2001
Season Thirty September 24, 2001 June 27, 2002
Season Thirty-One September 23, 2002 June 18, 2003
Season Thirty-Two September 22, 2003 June 16, 2004
Season Thirty-Three September 20, 2004 June 14, 2005
Season Thirty-Four September 19, 2005 June 23, 2006
Season Thirty-Five September 18, 2006 June 15, 2007
Season Thirty-Six October 15, 2007 June 13, 2008 190
Season Thirty-Seven September 22, 2008 September 18, 2009 190
Season Thirty-Eight September 21, 2009 July 30, 2010 190
Season Thirty-Nine September 20, 2010 August 26, 2011
Season Forty September 19, 2011 September 4, 2012
Season Forty-One September 24, 2012 September 11, 2013
Season Forty-Two September 23, 2013 August 15, 2014 193
Season Forty-Three September 22, 2014 September 8, 2015
Season Forty-Four September 21, 2015 September 1, 2016
Season Forty-Five September 19, 2016


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The Best of The Price Is Right March 25, 2008 4


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