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The Young and the Restless

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The Young and the Restless
Premiere March 26, 1973
Airs Weekdays at 12:30PM
Creator William J. Bell
Lee Phillip Bell
Network CBS
Style 60 minute soap opera
Company Sony Pictures Television (distribution)
Bell Dramatic Serial Company (production)
Seasons 41
Episodes 10,559 (as of December 12, 2014)
Status Currently airing season 42
Origin USA
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The Young and the Restless is a popular daytime soap opera that has been the highest rated daytime serial since 1988. The show currently is the number one daytime soap opera competing directly against Days of our Lives.



For a full listing of cast members, please see the cast listing.


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One March 26, 1973
Season Two 1974
Season Three 1975
Season Four 1976
Season Five 1977
Season Six 1978
Season Seven 1979
Season Eight 1980
Season Nine 1981
Season Ten 1982
Season Eleven 1983
Season Twelve 1984
Season Thirteen 1985
Season Fourteen 1986
Season Fifteen 1987
Season Sixteen 1988
Season Seventeen 1989
Season Eighteen 1990
Season Nineteen 1991
Season Twenty 1992
Season Twenty-One 1993
Season Twenty-Two 1994
Season Twenty-Three 1995
Season Twenty-Four 1996
Season Twenty-Five 1997
Season Twenty-Six 1998
Season Twenty-Seven 1999
Season Twenty-Eight 2000
Season Twenty-Nine 2001
Season Thirty 2002
Season Thirty-One 2003
Season Thirty-Two 2004
Season Thirty-Three 2005
Season Thirty-Four 2006
Season Thirty-Five 2007
Season Thirty-Six March 24, 2008 March 27, 2009 253
Season Thirty-Seven March 30, 2009 March 26, 2010 253
Season Thirty-Eight March 29, 2010 March 25, 2012 253
Season Thirty-Nine March 28, 2011 March 23, 2012 253
Season Forty March 26, 2012 March 22, 2013 253
Season Forty-One March 25, 2013 March 21, 2014 253
Season Forty-Two March 24, 2014 187


Foreign carriage

Broadcaster Region Time-slot
Global Canada 4.30 PM
(3 hrs behind CBS)
Foxtel Australia 4:30 PM
(6 hrs behind CBS) South Africa 2:40 PM

DVD Releases

This is currently no DVD Releases for this series.

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