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Eye Guess

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Eye Guess
Premiere January 3, 1966
Finale September 26, 1969
Creator Bob Stewart
Host Bill Cullen
Network NBC
Style 25-minute game show
Company Bob Stewart Productions, Filmways Inc.
Seasons 3
Episodes 5 per week
Origin US

Eye Guess was a game show airing on NBC daytime. It was the first solo production by Bob Stewart since leaving Goodson-Todman where he created The Price Is Right, Password and To Tell the Truth.

Two players face a game board of nine windows, all numbered except the middle window which is marked "Eye Guess." The windows are opened and answers appear in all but the Eye Guess window. The players study the answers for fifteen seconds and the windows closed. Bill Cullen asks questions, and the contestants pick the window where they saw the answer. A player earns 10 points for correctly uncovering an answer and his/her turn continues as long as correct answers are revealed. The Eye Guess window will have an answer not among the other eight but has a question associated with it. Uncovering it correctly is worth 20 points. (If the Eye Guess window does not contain the correct answer, it is left blank.)

100 points wins the game. The winner vies for a bonus prize by uncovering each of the windows on the board without uncovering the word "Stop." Clearing the board without hitting "Stop" won the contestant a new car.

Eye Guess was canceled in 1969 during a virtual revamp of NBC's daytime line-up. Personality, You Don't Say! and The Match Game were all also dropped during the schedule upheaval. In 1982, there was talk of reviving Eye Guess, but there was not enough station interest.


Person Role Duration
Main Cast
Bill Cullen Host 1 2 3
Don Pardo Announcer 1
Jack Clark 2 3

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DVD Releases

There has not been a DVD release for this show.