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Winning Streak

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Winning Streak
Premiere July 1, 1974
Finale January 3, 1975
Creator Bob Stewart
Host Bill Cullen
Network/Provider NBC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Bob Stewart Productions
Seasons 1
Origin USA

Winning Streak is a daytime game show that aired on NBC.

The game pitted two contestants facing a game board of sixteen octagons, each with a letter of the alphabet. A subject is disclosed and a contestant chooses a letter with a question whose answer starts with that letter. If correct, the contestant is awarded the letter and now tries to create a word associated with the subject.

The contestant to create the word first goes to the bonus round, with the board now comprised of eighteen numbered windows. The contestant selects a number on the board and it reveals a letter. For $100, he/she must create a word (no proper nouns or hyphenated words) with that letter. He/she can double the money by selecting another window and creating a word with the letters now showing. The jackpot progresses as the contestant successfully creates words. He/she can stop at any time, but once a word cannot be created, either by a time limit or an invalid word, he/she loses all money won.

That player stands in abeyance as two new players compete. The winner of that game plays a sudden death bonus game with the winner of the first game.

Winning Streak came about suddenly when NBC daytime programming chief Lin Bolen wanted Bob Stewart to tweak the format of Three on a Match (a Stewart-created show that aired at 1:30 ET). Stewart created this show as Three on a Match's replacement, albeit at an earlier time (10:30 AM ET).



Don Pardo


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season July 1, 1974 January 3, 1975


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