Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Torn (1)

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Torn (1)
Season 3, Episode 6
Airdate November 3, 2006
Production Number 3x06
Writer(s) Anne Cofell Saunders
Director(s) Jean de Segoznac
Fleet Survivors 41,422
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A Measure of Salvation (2)
Battlestar Galactica (2003)Season Three

Torn (1) is the sixth episode of the third season of Battlestar Galactica, and the thirty-ninth episode overall. It is the first part of a two-part episode, including A Measure of Salvation (2).

Secondary Stars: Michael Hogan (Col. Tigh), Aaron Douglas (Galen Tyrol), Tahmoh Penikett (Helo), Nicki Clyne (Cally Tyrol), Alessandro Juliani (Lt. Gaeta)

Special Guest Star: Lucy Lawless (D'Anna Biers)

Guest Stars: Rick Worthy (Simon), Callum Keith Rennie (Leoben Conoy), Matthew Bennett (Aaron Doral)

Co-Stars: Luciana Carro (Kat), Bodie Olmos (Hotdog), Leah Cairns (Racetrack), Madeline Parker (Kacey), Sebastian Spence (Narcho), Emilie Ullerup (Julia), Tiffany Lyndall-Knight (Hybrid), Rachel Hayward (Blonde Woman)


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  • [Starbuck has just disobeyed a direct order during a training exercise resulting in her Viper and another Viper colliding]
    Tyrol: (looking over the damage) Compressor blew, looks like it threw a blade, severed the fuel line. Cally, check the tank? Gods, this is ugly.
    Cally: The tank's bone dry, there's not even fumes in here.
    Tyrol: Cap'n, how'd you land this thing?
    Starbuck: Pointed it towards the deck and stopped when I got here?
    Hot Dog: (walking off with Kat) Bone dry, she says. Landed the bird without a drop of fuel. (Kat rolls her eyes)
    Apollo: (stalks up, furious) If you wanna die, I will open up an airlock for you, but you are not taking one of my Vipers with you.
    Starbuck: The bird's on the deck. I'm on the deck. I don't know what you're bitching about.
    Apollo:I don't give a frak what you do, Starbuck, but you're done flying. (leaves)
  • [Gaeta, Adama and Roslin talking about finding Earth]
    Gaeta: I've been trying to reassemble President Bal... Doctor Baltar's work on piecing together the Thirteenth Tribe's path to Earth.
    Roslin: I'm curious, Mr. Gaeta, what is it that you trust about Dr. Baltar's research? How do you know it's not another one of his lies?
    Gaeta: If there was one thing I learned about Baltar, it was his extraordinary capacity for self-preservation. I think he wanted to find Earth because he wanted to get there.
  • [looking at some of Baltar's research on the Scroll of Pythia, reading from the scroll]
    Gaeta: If I can draw your attention to this passage? 'And the caravan of the heavens was watched over by a great lion with a mighty blinking eye—'
    Adama: '—Red and blue.'
    Gaeta: Exactly.
    Adama: Exactly what? We're looking for a lion's head?
    Roslin: With a mighty blinking eye!
    Adama: Blinking.
  • [Adama heads down to confront Starbuck and Apollo]
    Crewman: Admiral on deck!
    Tigh: Admiral.
    Adama: Gimme the room. (Tigh and Starbuck start to leave with everyone else) Stay in your seats.
    Tigh: Have a drink.
    Adama: Give me your sidearm.
    Starbuck: What?
    Adama: Your sidearm.
    (Starbuck draws her sidearm and places it on the table, Adama picks it up and racks a round into the chamber, then throws it back down)
    Tigh: (concerned) Hey! There's a live round in that!
    Adama: I want one of you, and I don't care who, pick that weapon up and shoot me.
    Starbuck: Admiral, I don't know—
    Adama: I didn't say to talk. You've done enough of that already. I said to pick up that weapon and shoot. (both confused) What's the matter? No guts? You don't got a pair? You're both frakking cowards.
    Tigh: You watch your mouth—
    Adama: Or what? You're gonna turn the rest of my pilots against each other? Poison the crew? You've already done that, Saul. Both of you.
    Starbuck: Yeah, well, if you're looking for an apology it isn't gonna happen.
    (Adama shoves Starbuck's chair over backwards, she ends up flat on her back on the floor)
    Adama: You were like a daughter to me once. No more. You're malcontented and a cancer and I won't have you on my ship. So you have a choice, you can figure out how to be a human being and an officer, or you can find another place to live, off of this ship. You're dismissed.
    (Starbuck kicks the chair away, stands up and stalks out)
    Tigh: Are you gonna kick me out of my chair too?
    Adama: Listen, I know you've been through a lot—
    Tigh: Don't patronize me, say what you came here to say.
    Adama: You're full of bile, hatred. And I know that it has something to do with Ellen, and I'm sorry for that. And if you need time, Saul, you take all the time that you want. But I gotta run a ship, and the last thing I need is a one-eyed drunk sitting down here sowing discontent and disobedience. So I'll tell you once again, Saul, you can pick up that weapon and kill me, or you can get your ass back into your quarters and not leave until you're ready to act like the man that I've known for the last 30 years.
    (Tigh picks up the gun, turns on Adama, then drops the magazine and racks the round out of the chamber)
    Tigh: That man doesn't exist anymore, Bill. And you won't be seeing me again.
    (Tigh sets the gun down and leaves)


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