Battlestar Galactica (2003)/Collaborators

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Season 3, Episode 5
Airdate October 27, 2006
Production Number
Writer(s) Mark Verheiden
Director(s) Michael Rymer
Fleet Survivors 41,435
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Battlestar Galactica (2003)Season Three

Collaborators is the fifth episode of the third season of Battlestar Galactica, and the thirty-eighth episode overall.

Starring: Edward James Olmos (Admiral William Adama), Mary McDonnell (Laura Roslin), Katee Sackhoff (Captain Kara "Starbuck" Thrace), Jamie Bamber (Commander Lee "Apollo" Adama), James Callis (Dr. Gaius Baltar), Tricia Helfer (Number Six), Grace Park (Sharon) (credit only)

Secondary Stars: Michael Hogan (Colonel Saul Tigh), Aaron Douglas (Chief Galen Tyrol), Tahmoh Penikett (Karl "Helo" Agathon), Nicki Clyne (Cally), Alessandro Juliani (Lt. Felix Gaeta)

Special Guest Star: Lucy Lawless (D'Anna Biers)

Guest Stars: Michael Trucco (Samuel Anders), Richard Hatch (Tom Zarek), Rekha Sharma (Tory Foster)

Cast: Dominic Zamprogna (Jammer), Jennifer Halley (Seelix), Ryan Robbins (Connor), Alisen Down (Barolay), Winston Rekert (Priest)

Uncredited: Leo Chiang (Tattooed pilot)


Plot Overview

A secret jury known as The Circle begins trying and executing collaborators. Meanwhile, Baltar finds himself trapped in a cell on a Cylon basestar.


  • Jammer is said to have led a raid at a temple that led to 23 deaths.
  • Lee informs Adama that 13 people have gone missing since leaving New Caprica.

Arc Advancement


  • A jury comprised of six people collectively known as the Circle, initially composed of Tigh, Tyrol, Anders, Jean Barolay, Seelix, and Connor having been trying and executing the "worst of the worst" who collaborated with the Cylons on New Caprica. It's authorised by President Zarek because he knows how legal trials will go and wanted to spare both Roslin and the fleet the burden.
  • Upon being sworn in, Roslin issues a general pardon for everyone in an effort for the fleet to move forward.


  • Jammer is killed via airlock.
  • Having been Baltar's Vice President, Zarek has now ascended to President. However, he plans on selecting Roslin as his Vice President, at which point he will resign and she can resume her presidency. She asks what he wants in return for this and he says that all he wants is to be on the inside now. She offers him the vice-presidency, which he accepts.
  • Lee is aiming to lose the weight he gained.
  • Kara is at a distance from Anders. She admits to being angry and is ready to lash out at anyone, including him. He gives her back the dog tags she gave him.
  • Tigh is bitter about what happened on New Caprica, lashing out at Gaeta, Helo, and even Adama.
  • Tyrol, and the resistance itself, learns that Gaeta was the informant inside the Baltar administration feeding them information.
  • Roslin is sworn in and once again becomes President of the Twelve Colonies.
  • Baltar wakes up after three days to find himself held captive on a Cylon base ship. He learns from a Number Three that his remainder on the ship hinges on a vote, with the Six model being lingering, deciding vote. They eventually make the vote to keep him.


  • In his dream, Number Six warns Baltar to not make her angry. She warned him in reality in "Litmus".


The Show

  • While the inside of a basestar has been seen before, that was a docking bay. Here is the first time we see the living habitat of the humanoid Cylons, albeit limited to one room.

Behind the Scenes

  • Rekha Sharma appears in this episode, but has no lines. There was a sub-plot that got cut involving Tory Foster supplying information to the Circle via Zarek. When Roslin learns of this, Rekha has what she described as a "beautiful little monologue."

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Roslin: No hard feelings?
Baltar: No. Mistakes were made. Of that, there's no question. But the past is the past. I think we can all agree we'd like to move on.
Number Six: You fools. You're being too lenient, he betrayed you. Actively sought your deaths, doesn't that matter to you? Don't you have any self-respect?
Baltar: (coughs) Wouldn't bother, they can't hear you.
Number Six: Don't make me angry, Gaius.
Adama: You wouldn't like her when she's angry.
Roslin: I've always wanted you.
Baltar: Oh, no.
Roslin: What?
Baltar: I'm dreaming, aren't I?
Roslin: Yes, you are.
  • Sam Anders: Did you get any sleep?
Kara: Sleep when you're dead.
Sam Anders: Nice.
  • Tigh: Well, isn't that nice. A man can turn his coat, collaborate with the enemy, contribute to the deaths of thousands, but the Old Man needs his phone fixed and suddenly all is forgiven.
Helo: If the Cylons find us, we're gonna need every hand we've got.
Tigh: The Cylons found us, Mr. Agathon. Your friend, Gaeta, was on the welcoming committee. (to Gaeta) Hey! Look at me! As long as you're here, maybe you can help me out. I'm missing something, I lost it in detention. Since you're so buddy-buddy with the Cylons, maybe you know where it is. How about it? Do you know where my eye is?
  • Tigh: Oh, I'm ready right now, I may be a little rough around the edges but I can still hold my own and you can tell that toaster lover over there that I am still the XO of this ship!
Adama: Let's go.
Tigh: Get your hands off me!
Adama: You're embarrassing yourself, Saul.
Tigh: Oh, you're the one that should be embarrassed. Letting one of Baltar's henchmen wander around like nothing's happened.
Adama: Go sleep this off. That's an order.
Tigh: Oh, yeah, just go and sleep. Forget about it all and just forget about everything. Well, I'm not forgetting. I'm not gonna forget!
  • Number Three: How are you, Gaius?
Baltar: I'm alive. I suppose that's something.
  • Lee: I have a date with a jump rope. Hey, I've dropped half a stone.
Adama: Keep jumping.
  • Tigh: He doesn't want to say he's guilty because Gaeta is such a good guy. Right, Chief? Everyone likes Gaeta, so let's let him off the hook. Let's just look the other way on this one. Well, a lot of good people had to pay the price for what they did - choices they made on New Caprica - like my wife. That's right. Ellen collaborated. Gave the Cylons information on the resistance and she died for it. Because that's the price of collaborating with the enemy. And I liked her a lot more than I like Gaeta.