Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Escape from Leprechaupolis

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Escape from Leprauchpolis
ATHF Escape from Leprauchpo.jpg
Season 1, Episode 2
Airdate September 9, 2001
Production Number 2101
Written by Dave Willis
Matt Maiellaro
Directed by
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Bus of the Undead
Aqua Teen Hunger ForceSeason One

Escape from Leprechaupolis is the second episode of the first season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the second episode overall.

Voices: Dana Snyder (Master Shake), Carey Means (Frylock), Dave Willis (Meatwad/Carl), C. Martin Croker (Dr. Weird/Steve), Andy Merrill (Merle), Scott Hilley (Flargon)


Plot Overview

Leprechauns use Dr. Weird's Rainbow Maker 400 to mug people from afar, apparently for shoes. Their antics eventually lead to the involvement of the Aqua Teens.


  • Carl has a box of kleenex and hand lotion on the night stand by his bed. You don't want to know why.
  • In the episode opener, Dr. Weird creates: "THIS THING!"... then proclaims that he is "one can short of a six-pack". The "thing" is then stolen. Afterwards his hair heater breaks.
  • There are some changes that have occurred since the pilot. Carl's house now looks bad, the lawn between both homes is more defined and Meatwad's room has changed drastically in appearance.

Arc Advancement





The Show

  • Dr. Weird's machine has a label on it that reads: "RainbowMaker 400".
  • The leprechaun who turns on the machine goes by the name of "Dingle".
  • Look Hard: You can see a picture of Frylock with a younger Dr. Weird. The photo has never been moved nor has it ever been explained.

Behind the Scenes

Allusions and References

  • Snatch: Merle makes a comment about diamonds being in Antwerp in this episode. This is an allusion to the Guy Ritchie film Snatch, in which a diamond is heisted from a Jewish bank in Antwerp. Also, a line in the film said by the main character, Turkish, reads: "What do I know about diamonds? Don't they come from Antwerp?" which adds further heft to this allusion.
  • Space Ghost: Coast to Coast: During Meatwad's tender moment in the woods there is a shark that appears onscreen that goes by the name of "Old Kentucky Shark" which originated in the Space Ghost: Coast To Coast episode called Kentucky Nightmare.

Memorable Moments


  • Carl: While we're on the topic, what's that around your little straw thing there... danglin' like it's yours.
    Master Shake: Oh, you like it? It's new.
    Carl: Yeah, I do like it. I liked it when I bought it.
  • Dr. Weird: Gentlemen, I have created this thing!
    Steve: What is it?
    Dr. Weird: I don't know! Stand over here.
  • Dingle: NO FEET!
    Merle: Yeah that's right, ass! No feet!
  • Carl: Alright, I'm gonna give this rainbow thing another five minutes. An' if it don't show up quick, then I am goin' down to the store and gettin' a hot rod magazine. 'Cause they got the chicks with the boobs in there.
  • Meatwad: He told me to get in the freezer 'cause he said there was a carnival in there. There was no carnival, it was a damn freezer. I got freezer burn and I got mushed up against the chicken.